A letter to your lover after an argument: a thorough look at the issue

Apologies to the husband in prose

Each of us makes mistakes in his life, but not everyone is able to admit them. I admit and sincerely ask forgiveness for them: it is very important to me now. I know that forgiveness is not easy… But forgiveness is the skill of strong people, and I know that you are a strong and fair person. I promise I won’t make the same mistake again, and I won’t hurt you. Forgive me, please!

You are the most precious thing in my life, my family. To hurt you means to hurt myself, because you are my half, a part of my heart and soul. I have offended not only you, my darling, but also myself. I ask you to forgive me, I love you very much, and I repent of having hurt you. My husband, the best in the world, and I promise to appreciate and respect you always!

My love, you are the whole world to me. A world of tenderness, care, love, support and inspiration. Without you, my existence is so sad and joyless that it’s even scary to imagine. And I know that in your beautiful soul and huge heart there is always a spark of love and understanding. Forgive me, dear one. I am very sorry and I vow never to do that again.

I am very sorry for the rude words I said to you. I did not want to hurt your heart, but I did it in the heat of the moment. I deeply and sincerely admit my guilt and apologize for all unpleasant words and actions towards you. I realize how unpleasant and painful it is for you. Please forgive me. Let the silly and meaningless words fly out of your head, leaving no trace.

My love, I beg you very much – forgive me. I am very guilty before you. I never thought that I would hurt you so much. I am very ashamed. You are my dear one, and I should not have done that.

It’s human nature to make mistakes. And man, alas, is weak. But if something is done wrong, the most important thing is to realize it, admit it and apologize. Being able to forgive is also important. After all, when one party apologizes and the other forgives, there is mutual understanding, relief, peace reigns in the soul. Please accept my sincere apologies for the mistakes and unjust words.

My dear, dear, beloved man! Do not judge me strictly for my mistakes, for I am just a woman in love, unable to reason sensibly next to you. Forgive me, please, I am truly sorry for having offended you! It is very important to me that trust and mutual understanding always remain between us, and I will try never to offend you again, my love.

My beloved, my dearest and dearest man. I want to apologize to you. Forgive me. I will never allow myself to hurt you again. I don’t know what words to use to make you understand how sorry I am. I can’t find it in my head that we’re fighting.

I was wrong yesterday. And I acted like a child. I just wasn’t myself. Don’t pout at me, kitten.

It’s hard for me to admit, but I was wrong. For some reason I think I’m smarter than everyone else, but once again life proves to me that I’m not! What am I supposed to do with my stupidity?! I trust that you will accept my confession, and my naive apology will be heard!

Today I had to cry again, remembering what happened. My love, I’m sorry, how can I explain to you, my dear, that the work on your mistakes is done and I want to reduce your suffering because of this situation. Honestly, I didn’t want to take it out on you, it just happened. I will endure any reproaches, but only let me restore the former trustful relations.

My love, I feel my guilt and I don’t know how to make it up to you. Unfortunately, you are far away now. I wish I could look into your blue eyes and say: “I’m sorry.” I will do my best to keep our relationship bright. Fate brought us together for a reason. We are two halves of the same whole! You are the man who inspires me to a bright life!

My beloved, my only friend! I am very guilty before you. I’m sorry that yesterday I got angry and hurt you. I understand that wounds of the soul take a long time to heal, and you will not be able to forget yesterday’s incident quickly. Please understand me and forgive my feminine weakness. I promise that from now on I will do my best to keep our good relations.

Dear (name), I apologize for (what happened), you are very precious to me, the time spent with you is the most unforgettable and beautiful, I do not want to lose you for (repeat the situation), it was very stupid of me, because only with you I feel easy and relaxed, you are my comfort, my warmth, my comfort, I love you very much, sorry.

Love, friendship, support, mutual understanding, kindness and warmth of heart – these are the main values of a human being. I would like to apologize for all the unspoken words, for all the missed opportunities to make you a little happier. I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you… And may everything be all right from this day forward!

Darling, I’m sorry! My soul is probably stale that such a situation has arisen. I regret for what I have done, a whole iceberg of prickly icebergs presses my chest, I want to thaw and cling to you, begging for forgiveness, but do I deserve your indulgence. It’s hard to hold back tears, the feeling of remorse does not give peace, in the subconscious, unpleasant pictures are coming up.

My darling! We so often hurt someone without noticing it. I do not want to be the cause of your sadness. Let no offense come between us. I admit my wrong and want you and I to never stop supporting each other, always coming to help. Let go of all offenses and forgive me, my dear one!

My beloved, my soul, without you I feel so hard and sad. Without you, everything seems gray and dull, even my favorite things don’t make me happy. If it were possible to rewind time, like a film, and avoid the mistakes we make, I would have done it long ago. But we can’t control time, we can only hope for forgiveness. I’m sorry, honey.

A word hurts unnoticed. Forgive me for my thoughtless, spontaneous act! I deeply value our relationship and believe in its longevity. Without communication with you my days are gray and have lost bright colors. I hope you will quickly forget our quarrel. I promise to be more careful with my words from now on!

I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. I ask you not to hold a grudge against me. Not everything in life turns out in the best way and the way we want. I, too, did not turn out the way I wanted. I’m sorry, I’m very bitter about what happened. Let all the clouds of misunderstanding disappear and the sun of a warm relationship shine brighter than before!

A letter to your lover after an argument: a thorough look at the issue

Sometimes a relationship ends sadly. Every couple has its own reasons for breaking up. It can be insults, betrayal, misunderstandings, infidelity, cooled feelings and so on.

If the rupture of the relationship is inevitable, you need to be able to put a beautiful point. More often than not, it is women who have a romantic nature, take on such responsibility. If during a conversation there can be traitorous tears or tremble in his voice, in a letter of this will not happen. A farewell letter will be the best way to announce the parting.

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Words for reconciliation with a guy

You can start like this:

“Darling, go towards me as I go towards you, read my letter, for I am writing it from my heart. My thoughts are confused, but one thing I know for sure, I am ashamed to remember our quarrel, my head is in chaos, so much I want to tell you. I want to ask your forgiveness. I’m embarrassed, I’m worried about you, about us, and that’s why I do stupid things sometimes.

Most importantly, know that you are the biggest and most joyful thing in my life! You are the whole world to me! You make me a better person, you give me strength! And I want to give you affection and love too! I miss our warm open relationship and I want to make peace with you, my clear light!”

Don’t be stingy with affectionate words, but don’t lie either. Write sincerely and honestly. Put your soul into your letter of repentance.

Apologize to your boyfriend in your own words.

In general, there are endless reasons for quarrels, it may be trivial, petty disputes about trifles, and there may be much more serious reasons, such as adultery. And thus the moment of apology should be approached in different ways, and yet there are basic rules suitable to all conditions.

  1. As a rule, in a quarrel between a man and a woman, very rarely the fault lies with one partner, and therefore recognize the fact of his wrongdoing – the first step to rectifying the situation. Consequently, having decided to apologize, do not generalize, for example, “if we …” or “it was you …” and so on, focus on your mistakes: “I could not restrain myself …” or “my fault …”.
  2. By all means, your young man, must see your remorse. Show that you are really upset and are ready to fix the situation in any way possible. The words should be sincere, the man should not have a shadow of doubt that all that was said comes from the depths of his heart, and the remorse is genuine.
  3. So that all that you have said will reach the interlocutor correctly, find a suitable environment, if possible prepare in advance. The necessary atmosphere will give a deeper meaning to your words, and thus mutual understanding will be reached more quickly.

The question that bothers an overwhelming number of girls – should you ask for forgiveness from your boyfriend? Certainly – yes! Despite the fact that the words of apology are given very hard, it is a prerequisite for the development of a warm, long-lasting relationship. In addition, they will present you as a responsible and fair person, and the young man will be clear that you value the relationship.

Another very important point – no man will not appreciate, much less believe your words, if you ask for forgiveness by text or in a letter. Of course, there are situations when you simply can’t talk in person, but still a “live communication” is many times better and more practical.

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Whom you love

“Dear, good, beloved! I pulled myself together and decided to write to you in a letter all the things I cannot express in words when I meet you. Our love has turned into some kind of one-sided ugly entity. I can see that my efforts to make things work are going nowhere.

You seldom call me, you see our meetings as a heavy duty. I am not made of stone, and I feel it. I hurt, I will not pretend to be strong. I will cry and miss you and worry about you.

But, so be it, I’m letting you sail free. Fly toward your happiness. Unfortunately, I was not able to make you happy. May things work out for you with another girl. Maybe you already have someone, but you’re afraid to tell me. Fly, my good man, fly!

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