A letter of apology to a boyfriend you love

Apology to the guy in your own words, forgive me

Love, life is mistakes, we learn from our mistakes! There’s no pain worse than the pain that people in love inflict on each other. And I made a mistake. But, the only person who doesn’t make mistakes is the one who never does anything. I’m not making excuses, no, I just want you to understand that you are very precious to me, and everything I don’t do is because I’m afraid of losing you! Fear of losing you turned my head and I was wrong. And I beg you, my love, don’t judge me harshly, but understand. I apologize for what I have done. I love you very much and I will do everything for your happiness! Forgive me dearly.

What we experience when we are in love may be our normal state. Falling in love tells a person how they should be. And what I feel for you, my love, cannot be compared to any feelings, I just live for you. You know, I feel so bad because you resent me. I beg you not to be angry with me, for I did not do all this out of spite! The great virtue of man is his ability to correct his mistakes and constantly make a new man of himself. And I will try not to repeat those mistakes and become better for you, because you are my incentive to become better! Forgive me, my beloved!

My beloved, I ask you not to be angry with me. Because with you I want to live peacefully and in love. I want us to quarrel as little as possible with you. For it is not easy for me without you! Please forgive me for what I did, but you know I love you. Maybe I’ve been so stupid because I’m very much in love with you. So please forgive me, darling. I really need you. I don’t want to lose you, and I’ll do anything to keep us together. I know you have a very kind heart, and it radiates its goodness every day. Beloved, remember that I love you very much.

Forgive me, my love, for making such a thoughtless mistake, for doing such a ridiculous thing. And for the fact that you are now resentful of me. I just want us to be fine. I want you to smile all the time and I want to watch you smile all the time. I want our hearts to beat in tune, yes, darling, I was very wrong about you. Forgive me, I’ll make it up to you. For all I have is you. It’s your pure love. So may your heart rejoice again and there be no more discord between us. I have thought over my mistakes and declare to you that it will not happen again! For where you are is my home!

I am bitter that you are bitter. I’m bitter that you’re sad because of me. I’m bitter because I said such a stupid thing without thinking. Please forgive me, my love. All I have is you! You’re my inspiration, which pushes me to the feats. You’re my reason to be a better man, you’re my salvation. I’m not making excuses, but I want to make it clear that that foolishness came from my blind love for you. I just wasn’t thinking at all! I want you to forgive me, and I will think before I do anything. Because all I care about in my life right now is you. You’re my future! You’re the man that moved my heart!

That’s ridiculous of me to say! I was so stupid, honey. I know I shouldn’t have acted this way, but who hasn’t made mistakes? I know that even though you’re angry, you can’t stay angry with me for long. We are like one, we are like one mechanism. We can’t do without each other, can we? And so I beg you to excuse me and not to waste your nerves. After all, you’re the kindest person I have! And all that I do wrong, it’s just because I’m very afraid of losing you! You are probably dearer to me than myself! And that’s why I do stupid things sometimes. But I’m sorry, okay?

I’m probably more afraid of losing you than anything else in the world. I’m afraid of being alone, without your gentle voice and warm hands. And without you in general. So, my love, please don’t be angry with me for my stupidity. I did it all out of stupidity, and in fact you know that I love you! And I love you very much! I do not even want to think that you can disappear! So as he said in the cartoon cat Leopold, “Sweetheart, let’s live together! ” He said, of course, a little different, but the essence of the same! I’m for peaceful relations with you! Excuse me, silly.

So once again I’m standing here before you, and I don’t know what to say to you. And it’s because I realize how much I’ve wronged you, darling. And I realize more and more that you’re a good man. You know, but when we were dating, I didn’t even think I could be with you for a long time. And it’s only now that I realize how wrong I was. And it’s gonna take a lot of time to get it right. But in any case I hope that you can soften over me and understand how hard it was for me. I ask for your forgiveness and understanding that what I did was forced. And may things be only as you would want them to be. Because I wish only happiness and warmth for you. Know that in any case, and with any decision you make, I will still be the one who will love you dearly, and who cannot live without you.

I realize more and more every day that you are a wonderful person. Watching you patiently put up with all my antics makes me wonder about that. I am more and more surprised by how much you must love me, since you have waited so long. And now I especially want to ask your forgiveness for everything. I want you to know that you are the most precious person in the world to me. You are everything for me, everything I need to live. And I want very much for you to be able to change your mind about me. Because I’m going to work on myself, and I’m going to change more and more every day. And finally, when it’s time for me to leave you, I want to tell you that I couldn’t be happy without you. And that if you can forgive me, I will never be able to forget how good you were to me. Honey, just know that I need you.

Man by nature is always lonely. And when he is alone, he always feels coldness, sadness, and loneliness. And in order not to feel these very qualities, people join their destinies. But, then it becomes much more difficult for them to get along together. Because now they have to put up with each other’s mistakes. I made a big mistake once, and now I understand that I am not worthy that my closest and dearest person should have a good opinion of me. But knowing how good he really is makes me both happy and a little sad at the same time. Because I don’t really deserve the kindness he shows me. And finally, I would also like to wish you happiness and success in your endeavors. And I would also like to remind you that whoever forgives people will also one day be forgiven.

The day can never begin well if you know that a person is suffering because of you. And right now I’m actually even a little embarrassed that a close friend of mine feels uncomfortable. And that’s why I really want to ask him to forgive me. After all, it’s not really his fault at all that he likes me. Because love is a thing that doesn’t ask whether we want it to creep into our heart or not. But, either way, it really makes me uncomfortable. And I want to ask you quickly to forget about me. Because it would be easier for me, but it would also be easier for you. And lastly, I want to wish you to meet someone who makes you feel good. And may you be all right. May sadness and grief not disturb you. Smile and laugh often, and then you will be fine.

It’s always uncomfortable and a little awkward for a person to ask forgiveness for something for which they don’t feel guilty. And that’s exactly the situation right now. Because really, I’m not ashamed at all of the fact that you fell in love with me. And even though you and I were always just friends and nothing more, things didn’t work out the way we wanted them to. But since there’s nothing to do, we’ll have to live the way we are. I’ll try to see as little of you as possible. And then I hope you’ll be all right. And lastly, I’d like you to think about me as little as possible. And then, believe me, you can quickly forget that I exist. Again, I apologize to you for the way things have turned out. I want you to do well. And I hope that it will be. And may your heart stop hurting as soon as possible. And know that if you need help, you can always count on me. Happiness to you and mutual love always.

Once again my heart is sad and painful. And all because it’s raining outside. As I watch the raindrops slowly dripping down the window pane, I am reminded more and more of that day. I lost you forever then. And even though it’s been a long time, nothing can ever dull my pain. I want to apologize to you, my beloved, for not being able to keep you safe. For losing you so unexpectedly. I’m really sorry, and I don’t know at all how to numb my pain. And I also wish that no one would ever be separated from their beloved. But, I also need to point out that together with you I experienced the best moments of my life. You were able to make me happy. And now, when I look at your portrait in the frame, I can’t hold back a smile, a sad smile filled with bottomless sadness and sadness.

In life, not everything always happens the way we would like it to. And that’s why now we can’t move the course of events at all. That’s how it turned out that I fell in love with someone else. I don’t want to say that he was better than you. It’s just that it was when I saw this man that my heart suddenly beat so fast that I was afraid it would jump out of my chest. And then I wanted to see him more and more often. But, knowing the pain this could cause you, I want to apologize to you. I’m sorry for not being able to keep what you protected so much. I’m sorry for that. And may you find the right person to be really good around, who will be faithful to you to the very end. May there be less sadness and grief in your life. And try to understand me and forgive me if you can.

Words of apology to a loved one

I’m so sad without you, because we’re in a quarrel, and it’s all my fault. Oh, darling, let’s forget all the hard feelings, And let’s leave all the bad things in the past. I apologize, and let there be no hard feelings between us. I love you madly. -1

Let’s never quarrel again, but cuddle and kiss, it will do us good. I love you, I promise to always be good. Let our hearts beat in unison again. 1

Let’s forget all the ridiculous insults, And let’s leave all the quarrels in the past. I know I’m the only one to blame, So please forgive me. I love you very tenderly and tremblingly, and I will always treasure you. 7

My beloved, you are the most attentive and the most sensitive. You are just an angelic character compared to mine. Forgive me, my good man. You know that all these quarrels are nothing. Let’s forget everything, and think only of good things. 11

My darling and beloved, do not be offended with me anymore, for it is not even a quarrel, but just some misunderstanding. I understand that I was wrong, let us make it up, you know how much I love you and I don’t need anybody but you. 9

Let us forget all our grievances, Love is the strongest feeling and it conquers all. Let’s think only good thoughts, I promise to be the best in the world for you. I’m sorry! 15

I’m sorry, honey. As they say that love works miracles, may it make you and me reconcile. 18

Darling, I was one hundred percent wrong. Forgive me, my best man in the world. I love you madly, and I only want to be with you. My sweetheart, don’t hold any more grudge. 11

I love you, my joy, and I so hope that you and I will make up, because you are the best, the most beautiful, the smartest, and finally, you are just my most important person in the world. 3

I love you, my good man, and I apologize for everything I said. It wasn’t out of spite, it was just emotion. Please be with me. 17

Forgive me, my tenderest and most beloved man in the world. Let our quarrel pass like a bad dream. Let everything be fine with us, as it was before. 10

It’s so hard for me now without you, my life is all gray, there is no joy. I need you like air, I just live and breathe you. Let’s just make up already. 14

Forgive me, my love. Let’s try to return our old love, because we were so good together. You’re the best, the only, the most desirable in the world. 10

Don’t hold a grudge against me anymore, and let’s make up. We are halves of the same whole, we were just made for each other. Let our quarrel be washed away by the rain, and not even a trace of it will remain. 13

My dearest and most beloved, forgive me and don’t hold a grudge, please, because I love you more than life. I promise to be the best girl) 21

I apologize to you! I hope you will forgive me. 8

I apologize, I’ll do anything to earn your forgiveness, I won’t sleep now until you forgive me! 10

Forgive me, I was so wrong, What must I do now? I was wrong, I was angry, But I love you, believe me! 3

Forgive me, my love! I was wrong… Forgive me, let’s forget it! ¶ you’re right and I’ve lost my way ¶ I’m sorry, you’re the best! 16

Forgive me, let’s be together, let’s rejoice and laugh, believe in goodness and smile, live in love and harmony! 7

I didn’t mean to offend you at all, honey, forgive me, I dream to see you happy and loving! 14

I miss you so much, I love you, bid you farewell soon! 10

I’m so sorry, my darling I realize my mistakes You’re my angel You’re my dream I’ll tell you again – I love you.

I’m so sorry, my love, From my heart I apologize, These lines you read And let go of my feelings of resentment!

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