A guy says mine – described in order

15 signs of sincere feelings: how to understand that a man really loves

The problem of why young men sometimes come up with nicknames for girls, women around the world. Explain this fact will help psychologists who study related aspects of consciousness and the subconscious.

Effective ways to support a man in a difficult situation at a distance with words and actions

When a man constantly uses the same expression in relation to the woman he likes, doctors talk about the request of the necessary resource. With the help of a gentle word, the young man is trying to convey to his partner what he lacks in the relationship:

  • nicknames “beloved”, “tender” will tell about the lack of reverent attitude in the physical aspect;
  • The nicknames “darling” and “precious” show selfish intentions;
  • The word “bunny”, depending on the subtext of the perception of the animal, indicates a lack of sex or an excess of tactile tenderness.

Also, young people who had a negative relationship with their parents or lack of physical contact (hugs, kisses) may show an excess of tenderness with words. In this case, the variants of the nickname vary, periodically there are new ideas, there is no single word or phrase. Through this, the young man denounces his love in a more tangible feeling. If the girl likes it, the relationship does not suffer. In the opposite case, you can make an attempt and replace the verbal form with physical caresses, touches, kisses.

SMS #10. “My mother wants to meet you!”

Men don’t bother their mothers over nothing.

This statement requires no proof, because it is a well-known truth. So the constant hints of meeting his mother mean that he wants to introduce the two most important women in his life . And this is a clear indication that he sees a future in his relationship with you. If he still won’t introduce you to his mother and keeps making all kinds of excuses, it’s very likely that he doesn’t have any tender feelings for you. Although there may be other reasons for this behavior (strict mother who does not share his passion for you). But in that case – do you need this man?

If a man often says, “My girl.”

Words, however, often do not carry any meaning for the guy. Sometimes cute phrases are used to better manipulate. Uttering to the girl a tender phrase, the young man hopes to quickly get desired – intimacy.

Here it is important to understand when a man uses the phrase in excess of feelings, and at what point – out of selfishness.

The ideal girl by the eyes of a man – perfection in detail

When and with what purpose

If the beloved guy often says “My girl”, then the phrase contains one of the variants of the semantic load:

  1. A young man has too many girls in his environment, to whom he is not indifferent. In order not to have difficulty remembering and identifying, he uses a universal phrase. The peculiarity of the phrase is the absence of additional characteristics other than gender.
  2. A man using the phrase “My Girl” subconsciously reinforces the belonging of a woman. It shows that he has possessive feelings, that is, it is very likely to say that the young man is jealous.
  3. The expression can characterize an insufficiently strong connection on a physical level. The man uses the pronoun to show a desire to get closer.
  4. An expression that applies to a loved one may simply like the sound of it. It is enough to choose it as a nickname.

What it means

If a handsome man constantly says “You’re my girl,” the woman is delighted, because it means certainty in the relationship. However, pay attention to your partner’s behavior when you are in sight with him. If such words are not repeated in the presence of others or the expression is said in the ear, you should not hope for constancy of your chosen one. When the words are spoken clearly and loudly, you can confidently speak of the seriousness of your intentions.

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Man does not love: why does not he let go?

  • In life, there are situations when a man does not love his companion, treats her indifferently, but at the same time does not let go. A woman begins to be lost in the guesswork, as in reality refers to her chosen one.
  • She hopes that her beloved’s feelings towards her are not cooled down, and the relationship between them will improve. However, as a rule, such an alliance is doomed and cannot bring happiness.
  • No matter how much we would like to believe that a man does not let you go, because he loves, it is unlikely. Do not be fooled on this account.

Why not let go? Typically, the reasons for this behavior of the partner are as follows:

  • In most cases, it is a matter of habit. Man simply got used to you, it is more comfortable for him. He does not want to change his way of life. For the sake of his own comfort, he is ready for the time being to maintain a relationship with an unloved woman.
  • Man is a proprietor by nature. He just can not accept the idea that his “property” could go to someone else. He can not accept the fact that the woman can leave him. So he won’t let her go, even though he hasn’t felt love for a long time.
  • Man is not confident in himself and just afraid to be alone. And this fact he will never admit it, neither to a woman, nor to himself. Most often, such a subject behaves arrogantly and in every way to demonstrate their superiority over his girlfriend: constantly criticizing and trying to make her feel complexed and unsure of herself. In fact, he just feels a sense of inferiority and doubts that he can find another.

This is unpromising How to do, it is up to you to decide. But do not let yourself be humiliated. Life is too short to spend it on people who do not appreciate you. You are worthy of love. Enjoying mutual feelings with a man who truly loves you is your right and a necessity in life.

If your lover says, “You’re mine.”

Depending on the situation in which the expression is uttered, the girl judges what this or that phrase means to her. This also applies to nicknames, so pay attention to them, too.

Why he uses this particular phrase

The phrase with which a young man identifies a girl suggests a subconscious perception of her image. There are examples when large women are affectionately called “panthers” or “goats” by men. These words indicate that the representative of the stronger sex sees his chosen one graceful, despite her excess weight. However, such an interpretation is possible in the case of sincere sympathy.

If, however, the young man perceives the relationship as a joke, refers non-seriously or tries to take advantage, then you can not interpret nicknames, because they conceal a subtle mockery, a mockery of external or internal qualities.

The meaning of the nickname

The phrase “You are mine”, according to psychologists, should be alert. It hides the meaning of full ownership, when a woman is equated with an inanimate object. Take a closer look at your partner. If his behavior has a tendency to aggression, unwillingness to listen to others’ opinions and to compromise, then you should start to worry.

A burning desire to fully possess, not veiled in words, is also found in the first stages of the relationship, and sometimes it is fixed historically. In this case, there is no need to look for a catch.

The main types of love nicknames

Guys do not think about it when they call girls by this or that nickname. They do it unconsciously. Nicknames reflect the experience of a man, his personal feelings, rooted deep in the subconscious. Psychologists believe that the more nicknames a guy has in his vocabulary, the greater the sincerity in the couple’s relationship.

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By calling a woman beloved, the partner shows that he needs her care for him, affection and tenderness. Most likely, he is tired at work and needs more attention. If he gets it, he will move mountains for his partner. The cavalier who calls the girl beloved is confident, achieves his goal. He is cunning, ready to take responsibility for the lady. But, as they say, in every rule there is an exception. Perhaps the partner is just used to calling all women beloved.


If a partner calls a lady dear, it speaks of him as a boring man. And in everything: in sex, in everyday life. He will not even guess himself that you can and should add novelty to your life together. When a woman offers to diversify everyday life, he is likely to answer “no”. Romance is not to his taste, he prefers to restrain feelings.

In the first place for him practicality, he appreciates certainty and confidence in the relationship. The plus side of this type of person is that he will be faithful to his beloved. From her partner will expect the same.


A cavalier who calls his date sweet, has a negative attitude toward intrigue and gossip. He does not like scandals and quarrels, he tries to avoid them in relationships. Such a man is reliable and caring. He likes to make the lady pleasant: to give gifts, pay attention. It is difficult for him to express his feelings with only words.

A guy who calls his beloved sweetheart, builds a strong relationship and shows gentle and warm feelings for her.

My love

The partner who prefers to call his beloved “love is mine” knows how to woo. He puts the interests of the beloved above his own. With such a person it is very easy to find a common language and easy to communicate. Next to them there will be no fear about what topic to talk to him. Manage and command such a cavalier will not work. When he senses that they are trying to change him, he will walk away.

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My soul

The man who calls his companion “my soul mate” is the perfect partner for life. He prefers to get close to a woman at a slow pace. This also applies to sexual relations. The guy carries out the rapprochement with his chosen one in a measured and unhurried manner. He does not want to reveal his whole soul to her at once.

These partners are characterized by the ability to be faithful to their beloved, often for the rest of their lives.

My Girl

The gentleman who refers to the lady “my girl” is full of tender and reverent feelings for her. He treats her with care, like a child. He wants to protect and defend her. Girls usually like to be called “my girl” because they like to feel protected. They feel calm when a strong, masculine representative of the strong sex is near them.


Guys prefer to call beautiful, attractive, sexy ladies as baby. They constantly want to make love to them. They love experiments. Women will be fine with such partners. Except that a serious relationship with them is not to be seen. In addition, the cavalier who calls the girl a baby, loves specifics, negatively refers to problems in relationships. He prefers not to complicate them, wants his partner to do the same. It is important for him to be the first. If the lady attempts to be the leader in the relationship, he will break up with her.


Many girls take it personally when guys call them fools. They consider it an insult. However, it’s not all that bad. The fact is that “dura” and “durinda” are slightly different. The first word is really rude and unpleasant. The second one usually refers to those who are close and dear. It is not an insult.

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If a guy called a girl a fool, it means that he loves her, is able to forgive any mistakes. Such a cavalier can even take the blame, controlling the situation personally.


Guys call dolls beautiful women with whom they do not plan to have a serious and long-term relationship. The nickname speaks for itself: a doll is a toy. They dress them up, play with them, they admire. Girl-doll for the gentleman is only an accompanying decoration. She shows people, they brag about her and wait for flattering compliments. Men like an easy relationship that does not commit to anything.

My little one or Babe

Cavalier, calling his chosen one a baby, shows that he wants to take care of her, care for her and constantly squeeze her. In the relationship, he is the boss. Such a guy puts one hundred percent in them. He will turn out to be a devoted family man, on whom you can rely. When a girl hears the address “baby”, her loved one seems to her more romantic, gentle and affectionate.

To attract a woman’s attention to himself, the gentleman calls her a miracle. With this he shows the high importance of their relationship for him. The partner is delighted with his beloved, he is deeply in love with her and happy with her. She is the ideal for him, the guy doesn’t notice any flaws in her. When infatuation passes quickly, you may become disappointed in her. And very bitter and hurtful.

The nicknames that men call when they are sincerely in love

Young people choose different nicknames. Here are examples of the most common ones:

  • my good – assessment of the qualities of the beloved in a positive way, the young man understands the value of the relationship;
  • Sweetie, bun, pie – unconscious association with housekeeping, the man guesses about the culinary abilities or hopes that they are;
  • beloved, dear – simple expressions proving sincerity of feelings;
  • swallow, chanterelle, mouse – attention to the partner, her special position in the background of others, highlighting.

A separate case, when the partner calls the chosen one by name. Girls are sure that this is not very good, as the man has no feelings. But this is a mistake. Such young men are not prone to romantic actions, but they are reliable, they will not betray.

When the relationship has already begun.

Let’s assume that you have been together for several years. All the issues relating to art, work, leisure and other things were discussed not a dozen times. You even know his mother’s favorite dish, and how he affectionately calls his pet.

What to do next What to say to a man, if he is for you – in fact, open book In this situation it is important to keep the warm feelings that have arisen between you.

First, tell your chosen one compliments. Do not forget to remind him how masculine, handsome, fit, smart. Let it be understood that you are over the moon that you met such a prince. Talk about the merits of the chosen one can be inexhaustible.

Secondly, at this stage it is possible, and even necessary, to think about the future. Talk about how you will go together to the mountains next summer, what present will buy for the anniversary of his father.

If a man does not bother with such speculation, you can risk going further: to dream about the wedding, ask him if he wants twins. Try not to criticize unnecessarily.

We’re all human and mistakes are part of everyone’s life. You can find out about the cavalier’s past, at this stage he already trusts you completely and can share heartwarming stories about his ordeal.

What nicknames should be alert

The nicknames that are worth looking more closely at the behavior of the young man:

  • Goldilocks – a clear hint of material gain from the relationship;
  • Baby, baby, baby – fixated on the girl’s appearance, he won’t accept changes;
  • doll – considers the relationship as a stepping stone to build a successful career, perceives the woman as a status indicator;
  • star – appreciates the external attributes, but is not interested in the internal qualities, often the nickname is applied to a public girl who is recognized;
  • sun – the young man will demand a perfect appearance on a daily basis.

However, do not break up on the basis of a suspicious nickname. Take a closer look at the behavior to know the right answer and see if the relationship is worth continuing.

Opinion of Psychologists.

A young man can use a variety of epithets against the beloved woman. Often these are images of animals that look harmless and affectionate. For passionate games in bed, comparisons with graceful and plastic creatures are used. But when a man says “mine”, what it means, he can hardly explain. After all, the desire to appropriate does not always express a natural desire to possess. Sometimes the pronoun shows that the young man has a complex character.

The manifestation speaks of a desire to completely control the girl, to subjugate. Subsequently, this can manifest itself in constant jealousy, aggression in case of disobedience. When a guy uses an expression with the pronoun “my”, take a closer look at his actions and behavior.

However, one should not get upset when such an expression is used in a couple. Perhaps the man subconsciously expresses a trembling desire to possess, not to let go. This is normal, especially in the first stages of the relationship. At this time, intimacy either has not yet occurred, so the sexual desire prevails, or there is little of it. The guy is unconsciously trying to show how important the girl is to him.

To judge the relationship in a couple, based on one affectionate expression is impossible. To understand the true motives of the nickname that appeared, carefully observe your partner, analyze his actions, because they are indicative.

If a man says that he adores you: the psychology of love

The interest of a young man may be limited to achieving only one goal – carnal pleasures, so it is foolish to focus on his words. An experienced pickpocket can very cleverly lull the vigilance of his girlfriend with his inimitable speeches and confessions, but the actions say the opposite.

To understand that a man says to his girlfriend “I adore and love!” sincerely, you need to consider several facts – behavior, signs of attention and nonverbal signs of affection.

A man thinks you’re just a friend2.

Perhaps the problem of what a man says about another woman is hidden in you. Few women or girls know how to show their interest in his companion, and therefore they do not notice you as a woman, because you do not show it. The line is very thin, but breaking the wall between friend and lover is often harder than it seems. Being a friend or a brother is good, but don’t overplay your hand lest you fall into your own trap.

How a man behaves if he really loves

Love or not? If this question arises in your mind, and the guy says that he adores me, then you need to understand his feelings. Indeed, behind these words can hide the disposition to the person of the opposite sex, but love has not yet emerged. He may be appraising for some time. You should carefully observe his attitude towards the girl. Real men show their love in actions.

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A lover likes absolutely everything in a woman – appearance, behavior, habits. He notices only the good, and does not give importance to the shortcomings.

A man is happy when his beloved is good

When a young man truly loves a girl, for him her feelings become much more important than his own. He is emotionally attached to the person he adores. Making her happy is one of his priorities.

Said – done.

Love is not just pretty words, it manifests itself in action. When a man promises something, he always delivers. Thus, he confirms his love for you.


One of the main whales on which the relationship is based. Love creates a respectful attitude towards a woman’s thoughts and opinions. The guy recognizes the chosen woman’s point of view, consults with her in making important decisions that affect them both.

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A guy in love does not doubt the chosen one, trusts her 100%. He will not watch, arrange interrogations, where she has been, why she is late. He does not impede her communication with other people. When it comes to sincere love, not selfishness, the man is able to behave decently. The guy is not even jealous of the past, although he understands that it was, but it is more important to have a future together.


This is the main manifestation of love. There are times when a man is very vocal about great feelings, not even afraid of the phrase “I love you,” but in reality he does nothing. When a guy cherishes a girl, his heart beats at the mere presence of her or the thought of her. He will prove this by his actions, conquests by deeds, and in the future he will constantly try to keep the relationship alive, develop and maintain the romantic fire of love.

Plans for the future

A man in love is trying to take an important place in the girl’s life right away. He plans for a joint future, common children. Instead of “you” and “I” begins to use “we”. The prospect of the relationship becoming long-term is revealed before the relationship.

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If at first glance everything is gorgeous, you spend time together, he confesses his love, covers you with kisses, surrounds you with affection and attention, but never talks about a joint future, then these topics scare him.


When a man sincerely loves, he protects the girl in any sense, protects her from problems and difficulties, tries to make life much easier – will shut her from the crowd in a crowded bus, will carry her through a puddle. If the chosen one comes upset, the young man will show a desire to punish the offenders. He protects his beloved and tries never to upset himself.

Financial provision

Material care, if there is no ulterior motive, indicates love for the girl. For 70% of the stronger half of mankind, this is a sign of deep affection.

Bringing into his world.

If a guy treats a girl seriously, then he goes out with her in public, introduces her to his relatives and proudly introduces his beloved.

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Attitude towards the woman he loves

You can tell that a guy is in love with a girl by the way he treats her:

  1. The attitude will be read in the look of the young man: at the appearance of his beloved, his eyes begin to shine, and his face lights up with a smile. In any company his gaze will most often belong to her. When a guy jokes, he is sure to furtively look at his chosen one, analyzing how she will react.
  2. A loving man always wants to wrap his girlfriend with attention, care, tenderness. And he tries to be near at the right moment.
  3. It is important for men to be as close to the girl as possible to be able to constantly touch her.
  4. Flaws and shortcomings in the appearance and character of the beloved woman does not cause your partner a negative reaction, because he loves her as she is. And he constantly tries to support her in this. Next to him the girl’s self-esteem is always adequately elevated.
  5. A loving man is proud of his choice and, confident in his feelings, do not hesitate to introduce his chosen one to close friends, relatives. Invites to family dinners, holidays.
  6. In the intimate sphere, the guy takes care that his partner was as good and comfortable as possible. He is attentive, does not ignore methods of contraception, does not force sexual intercourse in the case of her reluctance or ill health.

If your chosen one is not too consistent with the signs of love, do not rush to get upset and give up on him. Remember that each person is different and can express his sympathy in his own special way. But in any case, loving man is different tender and reverent attitude towards his chosen one and always tries to protect and support her. If he is indifferent to a woman, he will never do for her what he does not want to.

Signs of attention

When you puzzle over what it means if a man constantly says: “I adore you,” you need to pay attention to the features of his behavior, the signs that he consciously or involuntarily shows to show his affection and love. They may be transmitted through words or actions:

  • the interlocutor often calls you by name;
  • Compliments you;
  • is interested in your hobbies, work;
  • smiles at you all the time;
  • tries to woo: tries to push back a chair, open doors, helps to put on a jacket;
  • likes all your photos;
  • kisses when meeting and saying goodbye;
  • Makes nice little things, gifts;
  • notices any changes in your appearance;
  • Speaks on topics that interest the girl.

You are too indifferent to the man3.

What can’t be done to attract the attention of a loved one. Perhaps a man lacks your attention and affection and looking for it all in other people’s women. Listen to him, do not ignore, if you do not want to lose your man.

A man may also talk about another woman if he wants to make you jealous. This option will seem to many a purely feminine trait, but believe me, men know how to surprise. And in this case you should deal with the reason for his actions, to understand what it prompted to cause you to be jealous. Perhaps it is also your indifference.

Non-verbal signs of falling in love

Falling in love with a man is expressed by a change in his behavior, posture and gestures.

The consciousness does not control these manifestations, so you can calculate the sympathy for a single word.

  1. Man begins to transform in front of your eyes. Straightens up, pulls his belly in, and squares his shoulders. He wants to look most attractive to the woman, he can adjust his pants, shake off dust or button his buttons.
  2. His legs are wide apart and his toes are turned toward his lover.
  3. Hormones affect his eyes: his pupils narrow and a loving look appears.
  4. Depending on his character, the man may be more aggressive or calmer than he is.


A final and possible reason for what a man says about another woman may be his posturing. He likes to make a show of himself, to feel powerful over women, to think that he is surrounded by them and to enjoy himself. The man may even be aware of the fact that he makes you angry and he enjoys it. Such a man may love his woman, but he will always and everywhere come first.

In other words, your man’s selfishness has no limit and he should get rid of it, so as not to continue to gratify his ego and more.

Conclusion: don’t stop being feminine, listen to your men, be more decisive and remember that no one is worthy of your tears.

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If a man claims to adore me

The phrase “I adore you!” sounds very pathetic and romantic, but what it really means when a man says it, it is worth finding out. Can it mean sincere love or is it just sympathy?

When a man says to his beloved, “I adore you!” it means that he admires the girl at a specific moment in time, right now. This does not guarantee that he will be with you forever and is going to make a proposal, to tie his future with you. In order to draw such conclusions, you need to look at his actions, his behavior, his non-verbal signals.

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You see a lot of evidence of his positive attitude towards you: care, affection, attention, respect. He replaces the words of love with other, but very similar ones. “I adore you” – what it means when a man says so, you can understand without any problem. This feeling is even more than just love. If you have heard this phrase in a moment of carnal pleasures, it is likely that he simply adores someone who makes him feel good in bed.

For some people, it may be a meaningless phrase like “I adore that movie!” that is just an emotion – he liked something about your behavior or a joke.

When that phrase is uttered by a friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in love. He may just say it in a friendly way as a compliment.

Should you believe in fortune-telling about love?

Many women often turn to various divinations in the hope of finding out about the true feelings of their chosen one. For some it’s just a game to soothe the nerves, someone in such a way convenient to escape from unsatisfying reality and distract their thoughts and heart. And someone unconditionally believes and gets sucked in so much that he ceases to control his own life, believing only in magic. Out of despair, some girls turn to “professional” fortune-tellers, who assure you that they know how to find out if a boy loves you, and will make sure that he will fall in love.

But any sensible person should have an understanding that various divinations are very far from the reality that we construct ourselves. Although, we must admit that in some cases they can bring a certain amount of confidence in yourself and tomorrow.

But to find out whether a guy is in love with you, relying only on the result of fortune-telling, is wrong and unrealistic. In such a serious matter, you need to rely on your mind, intuition and strength. And trust your own heart and feelings.

Why a man does not talk about his feelings and how to be a woman

So, why can he not confess his love? When a man says, “I adore you,” you can only determine what it means by his actions.

A man is afraid of emotion

There is a statement that love is a weakness, so the young man behaves with restraint and dryness. He wishes to remain rational. Here we need to look at his display of emotion.

Status does not allow.

If a man holds a high position or a military post, romance is simply not to his liking. Here you need to judge only by his actions.

Afraid to hear the answer.

Sometimes he is silent about love if he doubts the feelings of his beloved.

Also thinks

Men don’t put relationships first, so maybe he’s not sure he wants to have something serious with you.

He has a family.

This also happens – he keeps quiet about his feelings because he doesn’t want to get his girlfriend’s hopes up for a continuation.

If a man doesn’t throw words around, it means he’s serious about the relationship. Guys are bad judges of feelings. If a woman abruptly expresses her love, the chosen one may be frightened and confused. It is better to give him time to think it over and confess when he is ready.

If the guy does not talk about the ardent love, it could mean that he has not yet decided. The girl needs to make the relationship with him valuable, it should be easy for him, but he should be afraid of losing her.

In order to hear the cherished three words, you need to push your chosen one a little. If you will demand something from him, then it will be more difficult to get what you want. If your beloved agreed to watch a romantic comedy with you, at a happy ending hint him that you also would like such a scene in your life, or squeeze your hand, look passionately in the eyes.

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When your man says, “I adore you, baby!” it means he has feelings for you. But here to understand what they are, one phrase is difficult. For this you need to fully appreciate his line of behavior, and to hear from him the words of love – a matter of time.

He does not like youii.

The answer to the question why a man talks about the other is simple – he is not interested in you or have become not interested. As painful and rude as it may sound, it’s a fact. But having a fact does not mean there is no way to deal with it.

If you are not dating and the man talks about the other woman in your presence, it is worth listening to the little things he emphasizes. Perhaps he shows no interest and talks about the other woman because of a problem with her at work?

It is possible that she has filled the space in the man’s mind and that is why he, trusting you, shares about his girlfriend. In this case, it is important not to show that you do not care about the other person and do not make yourself look bad jealous. Persistence and deliberate steps can get men interested and make him forget about the other.

If you are dating and noticed that your man talks about the other, that is the SOS signal. Do not roll up a scandal and scenes. These actions will only worsen the situation and make you look bad. Try to understand what he has in the other girl that you don’t have or why he is talking about her. This way you can better understand the “enemy” and not let him get (maybe even unknowingly) your man.

But when you have done your best and you see that the situation is clearly not in your favor and the man keeps talking about her, then you have lost. A man would rather throw himself off a high rise than tell you that he has fallen out of love. Male representatives often put the decisions of difficult issues on the fragile shoulders of women.

“I like women with a sense of humor.”

We read this phrase as follows: “I like to tell sexist, misogynistic jokes. And I just want you to know that in advance and be prepared for it when I inevitably offend you.”

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“You’re still single because you didn’t give me a chance.”

When guys say this, what women really hear is, “I have a lot of unattractive qualities, but if you’re desperate enough, you can still try your luck and take a ride in a rusty car.”

If rejected, such men can long pursue or write on social networks, stating that they are the last chance that the “ungrateful woman” did not take advantage of.

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“I’m a nice guy.”

This statement directly translates as: “I lack basic communication skills. I am incapable of developing as a person. I’m stubborn, and there’s a slim chance we’ll find something in common. But I’m a nice guy, so nothing else matters.”

The type of men who talk about themselves this way also very often cry out, “That’s why you can’t find a man and are still single,” when a woman isn’t interested in him.

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