A girl likes but ignores – consider carefully

Girl ignores: 9 reasons

Women are not used to ignoring men. And if your girlfriend ignores you, there is probably a reason that explains this behavior.

A woman is not always eager to confront, and if she has anger settled in her soul and you are its source, instead of fighting and scandals, you may feel the use of a very different female tactic – ignoring.

When you ask a girl what’s wrong and she says “nothing” or “everything’s fine,” be sure it’s not.

You can ask again a thousand times, but your date will still be able to get away with it.

If your girlfriend is ignoring you, there could be several reasons. So don’t jump to conclusions in trying to figure out what’s going on.

Let the situation go and let things run their course. Do not do the interrogation, blow up her phone with your calls and become intrusive. This approach will only make the girl angry and show your weakness.

It is best to ask what’s wrong, then pause and ask again. Your girlfriend will have time to cool her anger and return to your arms.

Why a girl might ignore

1. she is angry at something you did

Punishing a man with silence for an act he has done is a technique often used by women.

You may well have said something offensive in passing, not asked how her day was, or put your socks in the fridge next to her yogurt, for example.

If this is the reason for ignoring her, the problem will be over quickly enough.

She wants more of your attention.

Seemingly ridiculous. But if a girl is ignoring you, she may actually just need your attention without getting it enough.

It’s a kind of hidden manifesto in an attempt to get through to the male mind.

She wants you to notice a change in her behavior and to turn things in a positive direction.

If you show care and attention, then everything should go back to normal.

3. Hormonal surges

If the girl is ignoring you, it is possible that the reason for this is her period.

Changes in hormonal backgrounds constantly affect a woman’s mood and behavior.

Girls simply lose the ability to be themselves.

In this case, you should not worry too much, because after a couple of days, trouble will stop by itself.

She doesn’t love you.

Some girls don’t have the maturity to tell their boyfriend that they have fallen out of love and don’t want to be together with him anymore.

If she’s been ignoring you for a long time, it may be time to think about ending the relationship.

If she does not respond to your text messages, phone calls and generally avoids you, most likely, it’s time to rediscover the world of freedom and move on.

In this case, strictly forbidden to run after a girl and humiliate yourself in front of her.

Keep in mind that some women can simply challenge you.

So instead of running after a girl or trying to figure something out, ignore her in return.

But in general, in this scenario, it’s at least an attempt at manipulation, and at most it’s the end of your relationship.

In any case, you should act firmly, without dropping your sense of dignity and with the least loss to yourself.

5. A difficult stage in her life

If a woman is going through a difficult time in her life, she may shut down and activate an ignoring mechanism.

If she is having a difficult time with her mother, if she has been fired from her job, or if a tragedy has happened to a close friend, for example, her ability to communicate with the rest of the world may be drastically reduced.

Assuming that you don’t need to dive into her problem, she may try to deal with it on her own without your involvement.

Try not to take the girl’s attitude personally, and in time things will work out.

6. Stress .

When people are stressed, they can’t immediately cope with the situation.

To overcome the crisis state, they have to focus on the problem and block out all distractions, including the people around them.

If you notice that you are not the only one who is the object of neglect, it probably has nothing to do with you.

In time, the girl will stop ignoring you and let you back into her life.

7. She doubts her feelings.

It is quite possible that people start to reevaluate their relationship.

If things between you and your girlfriend have been kind of bland and dull lately, she may think that you’re not “the one” and there are better options.

If your girlfriend is ignoring you, she may be concerned about the quality of your relationship.

She may want something more from the relationship that you can’t or won’t give her.

As difficult as it may be, try to remain calm and cool-blooded.

Instead of going after the girl, give her the personal space she needs, and the girlfriend will probably realize what she’ll lose when you’re not around.

Pressuring a girl to talk and figure things out won’t help solve the problem. Such actions have the potential to push your girlfriend away even more.

8. Relationships don’t develop

If you have been together with your girlfriend for a long time and the relationship, without developing, is stuck at a stage far from family bonds, your girlfriend may start ignoring you because she is upset that you are not taking the next step.

There comes a point in a girl’s life when she looks around and sees her girlfriends getting married.

And if you think a formal relationship is not important to your girlfriend, you are very much mistaken.

You have a choice: keep the relationship and move forward with your girlfriend, but in a new status, or keep moving on alone in search of someone new.

9. You are an insensitive chump.

If a girl loves you, wants to be there for you, is constantly reaching out to you and trying to tell you how she’s feeling and what’s bothering her, and you seem completely insensitive to her needs or deny her feelings altogether, she might start ignoring you because she’ll draw the perfectly logical conclusion, “if he doesn’t want anything, why should I care about anything?”

If you haven’t been listening much to your girlfriend’s feelings or, even worse, hurting the girl, the only way to stop ignoring her is to start listening to the girl and have a constructive dialogue.

To wrap it up.

If you feel that your girlfriend is ignoring you, there is bound to be some reason. Ask her what it is?

If the girl refuses to answer you, then you should either try to figure out what you did wrong or step back and give her personal space.

Running after the girl or making a scandal is not the answer. Let her come to her senses and decide what she wants and what really bothers her.

If you are sure that there is no obvious guilt on your part, then it is very likely that you are being manipulated by the girl.

This is not good, and such behavior should be harshly suppressed.

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Girl ignoring: 9 reasons : 28 comments

You will never know what is really in her head.

There are very cruel personalities do not know how to forgive them hard to get through to them.

“If you are sure that there is no obvious guilt for you, then it is very likely that you are being manipulated by the girl. This is not good, and this behavior should be dealt with severely.” – What are some ways to stop it?

Calmly tell the girl: “You don’t like this situation. And if she wants to continue to be silent, well, let her be silent, you will not touch her, she will talk when she wants to. And if something serious happens, you are ready to discuss and solve the problem. Then see how the situation develops. If the girl will continue to remain silent for a long time and so on or repeat something similar in the future, decide whether you want to continue communicating with this girl. A relationship should bring you joy, and if it doesn’t, break it off, you will eventually find another person who suits you both.

I hurt the girl, I apologized, ignored her, what can I do?

You can forget about the relationship with this girl, find another one.

Girl, do you think it’s a T-shirt or sneakers? You wear it and change it for a new one? That’s a bummer. Spiritually impoverished people. That’s the kind of guy all the girls will sooner or later ignore.

You’re setting the stage for reliable manipulation.

Ha-ha-ha same thing.

write what….-that she would think, a live example: If you continue to ignore me, I will swallow validolka, etc.

Zhorik, ignore in response, this is the stupidest thing you can do at this stage, this is the way to nowhere. The problem must be solved, not exacerbated.

No one will ever understand women. I have a similar situation. The only difference is that we are friends. We communicated. Everything was normal. But for the last three days I have been rigidly ignored. The interesting thing is that there was no reason for this behavior. One word, WOMEN.

She probably doesn’t want to be just a friend anymore.

Exactly the same situation, only we had everything going for a relationship and distance separates us.

I have a similar situation.Only ignored for 10 days.Wanted to come first to say what the nonsense.Then I thought let her head all in its place.And now a stable evening remember her.Bothers everywhere banned.

It’s like it’s written about me.

The same situation, I called her, met her, dressed normally, offered her flowers, said goodbye, and ignored her if she does not write, let her go to hell, I will not run after her

Guys, we are all right, but everyone has a different situation, you should look at the model of behavior of both, well, that is my opinion.

Yeah, they want to take the man for themselves. And if it doesn’t work out, they’re looking for the next potential victim. I don’t trust women. There’s always secrets, dark stories coming out. It’s just so bad. Black widows.

They’re just bored when everything’s good. They want a man’s brain sucked out of them.

I think I’m going for option seven.

Yeah, now I know what kind of bitch … Mine confused me … Hardly ignores the second week, does not answer, hangs up, but dedicates me love statuses in facebook and each of his avatar with hearts in fact the language of images admits to love. Well all is clear when love and ignore separately, there is no question, but when together, it is the worst trash … I already did not know what to think in Inet, look for answers, and it seems found … Numbers 2 and 9 as I think the closest to the cause of her strange behavior. I have the bug, we will fix it today. Special thanks to the author for the socks in the fridge.)

Here’s my story. It’s been about half a year since I’ve had my eye on a girl at work. She relatively not long ago got a job at our firm. I pulled myself together, and one day decided to approach her, we knew each other. But only as employees. I asked her to go for a walk on the weekend, just to talk. She freaked out, covered her mouth with her hand, and started saying things like, “no, no,” – “I’m always busy on weekends”… and quickly went off somewhere. I was not prepared for such a reaction, I was just shocked ! O_O I felt ashamed and left too. I had just finished my work day. The next day, I was fine. I think I will come over and apologize for my behavior, maybe I offended something ? So I went over and apologized. And she said: “No, it’s ok, I got scared and ran away. I don’t even remember what I said to you yesterday.” I told her back: – “I’m surprised myself. Anyway, I asked her if she had watsap. – She said yes. Said can she add me as a friend? Said she needed my number, I dictated it to her, she added me. That same evening, I texted her. We talked a little and went to bed. On the third day she said hello to me, everything was as usual. In the evening I wrote to her again; she didn’t answer. I thought that she was busy and did not write further. The next day she ignored me, she didn’t look in my direction as if I wasn’t there. With others, she would talk to me, but she did not. I did not bombard her with messages for three days of ignoring. I sent her a couple of text messages and a couple of music videos with relaxing, beautiful music. That’s it. It’s like the fourth day of silence. On the status shows that goes once a day. Surely he sees everything. Thought even two days ago that she did not like me or does not want to communicate with me. Honestly, I’m not one hundred percent sure. It is much easier to talk to me in person than over the Internet and on the phone. In principle, I myself have not had time to do something wrong. Well, girls are subtle psychologists, maybe that is what did not do, and maybe I am not interested in her and thus she tells me “no. I do not know, I am straightforward. I like to tell it like it is, although it doesn’t always work out. I’m not upset and I wish you to hold your own. However, when you really like a girl and haven’t really gotten to know her, it’s a little disturbing.

Maybe the girl is just shy and you are in too much of a hurry and scare her, maybe you need to tone it down.

If there are mutual feelings and the girl loves you, there won’t be all this mumbo jumbo. just like if the girl will just have brains. and all this psychological stuff – they are purely to explain the behavior of fools, normal people are normal and will deal with each other

It’s a good thing I gave up talking to girls a long time ago. It is better to die alone than all these resentments, jealousies and other pranks.

Why a girl ignores a guy she likes

Oh, this mysterious female soul! Even yesterday everything was fine, and today the girlfriend does not answer the phone, walks grimmer than a cloud, does not want to talk…. This situation is familiar to many men. At first glance it seems incomprehensible, but let’s look into it. Why does a girl ignore a guy she likes and how to deal with it?

Why a girl might ignore

This style of behavior is a peculiar way of manipulation. Girls engage in ignoring tactics if she is not satisfied with the relationship: you hurt her feelings, you do not give her enough time, you do not pay attention, you are rude to her. Perhaps she was waiting for support and care, which she did not get.

Although there are some people who want to dominate the relationship and try to get their way by any means, including this one. The main goal is to make the guy feel guilty and thus get what she wants.

The caller is unavailable or out of range

Of course, a lot depends on what level the relationship was at. If the relationship is just beginning, perhaps the girl does not want to explicitly demonstrate her sympathy, so as not to show her boyfriend’s availability. The desire to indicate independence from the young man, his own dignity and unapproachability is understandable. It is in these traditions are brought up many girls in the family. The guy has to woo, to achieve. It is not honorable for the fair sex to reveal their feelings to the first person they meet. In this situation, ignoring is a test for the strength of his feelings.

Overflow of strong emotions.

Excessive impulsiveness and emotionality is peculiar to many individuals. Often in response to signs of male attention a girl throws herself in the opposite direction and begins to distance herself. The guy thinks that the girl does not want to communicate with him, he does not like, but in fact it’s just emotions, which the girl (especially if she is young and not used to the attention of guys) can not cope. On the one hand courtship and sympathy of a guy is nice, but on the other hand she is not sure of his sincerity. Perhaps these are internal complexes and insecurities, perhaps the drawbacks of education, and maybe a well-known inconsistency of a woman’s nature.

The girl needs time to sort out her feelings and emotions, and the young man patience and attention.

She doubts her feelings.

The girl has painted herself an image of the “perfect prince,” but she is not sure that it is you. She doubts her own feelings. What if true love is ahead, and this is just, a slight liking, infatuation, which will soon pass. So she takes a break to sort herself out and her attitude towards you. Of course, it’s not a pleasant situation for a guy. But the best way out – give her the opportunity.

She ignores you, so she’s afraid to be disappointed.

Here again we can talk about those ideas about the ideal man, which is present in the imagination of a young lady. If a girl is in love, she is ready to give her loved one attention and care, to keep her attention on his every move and action. But she expects the same in return. And if the guy does not live up to expectations, disappointment may occur. Therefore, the girl pulls away, keeps the young man who has already conquered her heart at a distance. After all, it’s so hard to understand that the chosen one has not lived up to expectations.

He can hurt

Women in love are vulnerable people. A woman in love is especially sensitive to the behavior of her beloved. Yes, a woman in love is ready to do a lot for the sake of her beloved. She is tender, caring, attentive, but love sometimes makes a woman vulnerable. Therefore, she seeks to protect herself from the heartache that an insensitive man can cause. Just the thought that he might break her heart becomes a barrier to developing a relationship. In this situation, ignoring is a defensive reaction. Sometimes a girl can be offended by behavior she considers unworthy. And this, too, becomes grounds for ignoring. A man needs to try to find and understand the reason for this behavior of his chosen one.

A difficult stage in her life.

Perhaps in the life of the girl came a “black streak”: problems at work, illness of loved ones, a difficult session, misunderstanding with parents. Life difficulties happen to everyone. Now she just does not have time for you. You need to understand and accept the situation, perhaps unobtrusively offer help, to support in a crisis situation. Or just let go and wait for better times.

Manipulation by ignoring you

Yes, girls often use this method to get from a man what she wants. It can be a gift, a favor, a compromise. The method is quite workable. And it is actively used if it gets results. Manipulation allows you to evaluate the true relationship to the one you chose. After all, if he does not notice a change in her behavior, then he is not attentive enough.

And if he is concerned, he tries to figure out the reason and to improve the relationship. At first the guy resists, tries to seem indifferent, gets angry, and then he is ready for anything to return the location of his beloved. The goal is achieved, so this tactic can be used in the future.

Ignoring without any apparent reason

If the girl is ignoring, and you do not understand why, you should first of all try to find out the reason. Undoubtedly, everything depends on the situation that led to this behavior of the girl, on the level of the relationship and the depth of feelings. Psychologists recommend choosing one of the following strategies:

  • Try writing to her and asking the question directly: What happened? What is your fault? Indicate that it is important for you to know what affected her behavior and that you are willing to communicate.
  • Show your willingness to discuss the situation when the girl wants to. She is more likely to respond and things will go back to the way they were before.
  • If she doesn’t make contact at all, back off. Stop calling and writing. Time will help sort things out.

Common sense, analysis of the situation will always help you find the right solution and the way out of their problems. If the chosen one really cares about you, it is sure to “change the wrath for mercy.

Ignoring in a social network

The girl does not respond to your messages in social networks. The reasons may also be different:

  • She is busy at the moment and will respond later when she is free;
  • Lack of Internet, connection problems;
  • she’s fed up with virtual communication and thus gives to understand that she wants to meet in person.

If you see that your girlfriend receives your messages – probably not all is lost yet. But the situation, when you were put on the black list, means that she no longer wants to communicate.

What to do

It is important to understand the reason for your lover’s behavior. Analyze your behavior lately, the nature of your relationship. Perhaps the girl is just capricious, wants to run after her, makes too high a claim. Well, then you can let the situation go. Stop calling her and writing her, take a break. If the girl is playing a game with you, then she will try to get in touch with you. If you feel guilty, find a way to arrange a meeting as if unintentionally and talk. Ask the young lady directly that she is not satisfied. But do not be too intrusive. Maybe the reason for ignoring her – the desire to break up. Or you show too much attention, depriving the girl of personal space. In that case, you should reconsider your own behavior.

If you are faced with the fact that she ignores, do not take harsh decisions, to despair, and, even more so, respond to her reply by ignoring or trying to cause jealousy. If your loved one is having problems at the moment, she needs to be supported, not to make things worse. Try to turn on your judgment, don’t dwell on your emotions. Continue to live your life as usual. It is important to understand the reason and what they want you to do. If you manage to establish a dialogue, listen, allow her to express her vision of the problem and state your position.

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