A few signs that a man really loves you: tell us the main thing

8 clear signs that a man really loves you


Men and women show their love in different ways. This universal rule does not apply except for overly sensitive men.

Sometimes his behavior may seem incomprehensible to her – yesterday he was the sweetest in the world, and today he behaves like a jerk.

Naturally, in some cases, the woman understands the man, but more often it happens that his words and actions may puzzle her.

It is no secret that men and women think differently. Women tend to think and make decisions based on their feelings rather than logic, which sometimes baffles men.

That being said, there are still certain behaviors you can notice in men that indicate that they are very much in love with their woman.

How to understand a man who loves you

He listens intently (the key word is “INTENTIONALLY”).

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More often than not, women are better listeners than men. Frankly, men have disgusting listening skills.

It’s an interesting fact that men always focus their attention on what’s interesting to them. This means that if a man listens to you and responds intelligently to some of your questions – an ability called “active listening” – you can be sure that he is fascinated by you.

A loving man.

2. he’s not afraid to sacrifice.

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Sacrificing something is much easier if you love someone. Moreover, a man in love will feel a great deal of discomfort at the thought that their beloved woman is unhappy-especially if they can fix the situation.

That being said, sacrificing for happiness is a clear sign that he loves you. He will almost always put you first, even if he has to change his plans or step out of his comfort zone to do so.

3. he is showing weakness (this point is very important)

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A real man will choose his behavior carefully to avoid showing any weakness to others. However, when he loves, this deep-rooted trait disappears – he simply doesn’t care what others think.

When we love, we are much more comfortable showing feelings that might show our weakness. In a relationship, weakness will show itself one way or another.

How a man in love behaves

4. He likes the way you look on your “worst days.”

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During first dates, women try very hard to look their best. But when she’s been in a relationship for a long time, and spends a lot of time with her man, she gets more comfortable, she’s less willing to surprise him, and she no longer spends a ton of time on her preparations.

At such times, a woman can go home in her pajamas, wrinkled shirts and robes and forget about hairspray and the like.

When a man loves someone, he will consider a woman beautiful in all situations.

5. He is proud of you (and not afraid to show it)

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In love, a man is not afraid to say or show how proud he is of his woman.

You can be an amazing mother, a great worker, or you can strive for your goals, you can be sure that your hard work will not go unnoticed.

What’s more, a man who loves takes great pleasure in seeing what you’ve accomplished and how you work.

How to know a man loves

6. He’s fighting for you.

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Here’s a true story:

A guy visited a hospital where his girlfriend was being molested by one of the guards with some of his co-workers. He found out exactly where the guards were and was just pissed off. When he calmed down a bit, he decided to comb the hospital and finally found the scoundrels who had offended his girlfriend.

He rolled up his sleeves and pounced on them. Even though the guards were armed, no one was hurt. What really turned the guy on was his girlfriend’s voice and the pain you could hear in it. These notes of real inner pain can only be heard by a truly loving man.

Signs of a man in love

7. He fights with you

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Of course, this does not mean to offend or insult anyone, much less physically abuse.

A man who loves you may start a fight if he has put a lot of emotion into the relationship and is afraid of losing you.

Why does this happen? He’s just afraid. All it takes is one small threat to the relationship and it will be tantamount to a punch in the gut. If a man starts a fight for a specific purpose, he just wants to prove his loyalty.

8. He treats your family and friends with respect

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If he knows there are people you care about, those people become important to him too. The reason is simple: you love your family and friends, and the last thing he wants is to hurt your feelings.

And although he may not like any of her family members or any of her friends, the man will not show it, as he knows what this person means to you.

Five signs that a man is in love with you

“I believe you”, “Sit, I’ll do it myself”, “I’ll meet you” and other phrases that tell you that a man loves you.

Most girls hear declarations of love quite often. But not everyone is lucky. Some men take the time to say those very “three little words.” Such a guy will say a lot of other, seemingly not so important words, but after carefully analyzing them, you can still understand – he loves you.

“I believe you.”

A relative of mine, after leaving for the army, informed his fiancée of his feelings by letter: “Lisa, here we are parted. Minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into months, months into centuries. Well, anyway, you get it.” She understood, though neither then nor now, nearly twenty years later, had she ever heard him say, “I love you.” Once we tried to hint that wives need to say such things, and he wondered, “Why? She already knows! I went against the family for her!” Then his mother, who for some reason disliked Lisa, sent letters to the army: “Your girlfriend is going out with another guy.” His sister, taught by her mother, wrote the same thing. And even my father said something into the phone receiver. And all of a sudden the soldier was adamant: “What do you want to say, but I believe my Lisa. When I come back, we’ll get married.”

And so it turned out – at family celebrations now that confrontation is remembered as a funny anecdote.

Jane Wells’ 1886 advice for families says that loving people “believe in the good, doubt the bad” – and this is one of their main qualities that is almost impossible to imitate. Indeed, an indifferent, cold partner makes little effort to bond and is always suspicious. He is stingy with emotion, as if priznitsya, prismatrivsya, sometimes for years: “Now the times are such that you can not trust anyone. It is better to just meet each other, if anything – disperse.

And how eagerly he listens to slander the other, as if just waiting for an excuse to run away with him. Friends or his mother will say something unflattering about his girlfriend: “Maybe she is a witch?” and he will not intercede, will not take her side, and even lead the Inquisition: “I knew it! To the stake!” A man in love is quite another matter. This one, no matter what you do to him, believes his beloved. Even if he catches her flying out of the window on a broomstick.

In the book “Podstrochnika” Lilianna Lungina talks about her years of family happiness, and recalls that their acquaintances couples usually quarreled who went into the kitchen to put the kettle on (about quarrels between lovers read here – ed.), but she and her husband argued in the opposite sense – each in a hurry to put the kettle on. “We tore each other’s household chores, unpleasant errands, difficult tasks-all of which each wanted to do for the other.

In a good relationship, that’s usually how it is: loved ones are cherished. “Let him sleep,” my young grandmother decided on the first day after the village wedding and got up early to make breakfast. “Let her sleep,” my grandfather decided and got up even earlier to feed the chickens, geese and goat. As a result, the two turned into such unbearable larks over the years that from five in the morning they already started fussing about the household, snatching buckets, rakes, crying grandchildren and even the purse from each other: “I’ll go to the store, and you sit down, rest at last!”

If your man does not say out loud about his feelings, but he rushes to take on more affairs in common – you can about his serious intentions do not doubt. And if he also tries to keep for you the most delicious and never eat the last piece of cake or candy: “Let it lie. What if you want later?”, then you can be sure that he loves you. And you run the risk of getting fat.

“Look how beautiful it is!”

When one famous mom is asked on Instagram why she’s lurking around the planet with three young children and a husband when she can just go on vacation with a girlfriend, she excuses herself: “I just can’t enjoy the beauty of the world if my loved ones aren’t around. I want them to see, too.”

It’s this overwhelming desire to share everything that’s inherent in lovers. My neighbor was at the dacha with his sons during the winter school break-he took a week off on purpose, and his wife drove to work every day from there to the city. “Too bad Lena can’t see the snow sparkling in the sun! – killed the neighbor. – Such wonderful weather, and I’m without her!” He built a snowman in the dacha, as if with a bouquet of flowers, and all day long he drove the children and dogs away from it, even built a sunshade over it, thawed, – all so that his wife would come in the evening and admire it, too. He deliberately set up a video camera at the bird feeder, filming various bullfinches and sending them to his wife: “Let Lenochka watch, too! Otherwise she leaves when it’s dark, and comes when it’s dark. It’s not fair that only the boys and I can see the birds.

You want to show every bird to someone you care about. Every line you like in a book you immediately want to read aloud. Every flower, sunset, picture, smell, bread, wine, Parmesan cheese – everything you want to share equally, otherwise you yourself don’t taste or need: “Look!”, “Smell it!”, “Try it!”, “Bite from me!”

Maybe Eve gave Adam an apple for that reason, too.

If a man is not in love, he evaluates his partner rather critically. No matter how hard he tries to hold back, he still breaks through: “You should lose weight, dearie,” “You laugh so weird,” “Your character no one can stand but me,” “You have such a big nose,” “You have such small breasts.” In a particularly fierce critic turns someone who has long been thinking about breaking up, but could not decide to do it or hope that the corrected you somehow like him again.

As a result, he regularly lists your shortcomings, and you wonder why six months ago, he seemed to be okay, and now everything is wrong.

But everything is so in love, even if his feelings he is silent as a guerrilla. He is not trying to fix you. On the contrary! “Be yourself,” he encourages you when you don’t know what to do. “Change nothing!” – he exclaims when you’re contemplating dyeing your hair blonde. “Nice nose! – Swears by heaven and earth. – The best breasts!” Still, our wise people are right: what an unloved one has a wart, a loved one has a mole.

“I’ll meet you.”

Many years ago, I saw one of the episodes of a reality show about the life of the Osborne family. Sharon’s mom was putting the kids in the car to go to the airport to pick up their dad. The kids grumbled, “Why do we have to go there? He can’t get there on his own?”, Sharon would look back at them sternly, and they would laugh, obviously mimicking her, “Because we love him!”, get in the car, drive where they were going, and then happily throw themselves at their father with a hug. Some things you have to teach teenagers, to push them in the right direction.

But adults usually already understand: if you love – you will meet and see off, visit in the hospital, celebrate anniversaries, wait by the fitting rooms and go to boring events to support your loved one. It’s the indifferent man who will brush you off: “Well take a cab, what do you want from me?”, “Who needs your report card concert?”, “It’s that damn Valentine’s Day again!” And a man in love will want to do all these inconvenient and seemingly pointless things. He’ll decorate the apartment with balloons, buy flowers, and rush to the airport to hug you an hour early, “How I missed you!” (What else should learn from men, read here – editor’s note). Another thing is that you, if you are also in love, you’ll talk to him to stay home: “Why do you want to drag through traffic? Can’t I take a cab or something? Don’t you dare! Get some rest! I’m bringing you such parmesan!”

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