A declaration of love to the guy in his own words – sorted out together

The original declaration of love in their own words

You are like a warm, gentle light in my soul. You are a quiet harmony, and at the same time a bright, sensual explosion inside. You are the best and most extraordinary thing that happened in my life. I love you, I want to be there for you and share your joys and sorrows, ups and downs, victories and defeats. Trust me, I will be your reliable and faithful, loving significant other.

You are the most distant and the closest at the same time. When you’re near, I can’t tear my loving gaze away from you, and when you’re far away, I miss you endlessly. Only now I realized how deeply and sincerely I love you, to the point of pain and dizziness! Love for you is like a bright candle. It has illuminated my life and transformed it beyond recognition. I want you to know how much you love and need me!

True happiness for me comes when you are near. For me you are like air, without which it is simply unreal to live, you are my dream come true. My love for you forever and in spite of all evil it is stronger every day. I love you.

My dear, thank you for the incredibly beautiful and happy moments next to you! For the warmth of your soul and for the tenderness of your hands, for your careful and reverent attention, for your endless patience I thank you every minute. All our days are invaluable for me, I am convinced again and again – my man has no equal and similar. I love you infinitely, my desired happiness!

More often than not, love comes to the young and young – and for life. And we have been looking for each other for a long time and met in the middle of the road. Our love is a reward for mistakes made in the past. And so we will cherish our feelings for each other even more carefully. May the fire of our love burn brightly for years to come!

I love you, this feeling is immensely and inexplicably beautiful, it comes from nowhere and has no explanation, it’s just divine, I love and period. And you don’t have to love for anything, you have to love someone like I love you. I love your sigh and your exciting look, I love the beating of your hot heart next to me, happiness has no limits when you’re with me and I’m going crazy if it’s not so, I just love you very, very much!

I love you – the touch that makes me shiver, the look that sends shivers down my spine and makes my legs tingle, the voice that makes me tremble so much that sometimes I don’t understand what is being said. Your words… They have so much tenderness, caress, warmth, that my cheeks begin to glow, it becomes hot in my chest and my whole body. I love you!

Author: Natalia Kuldoshina

I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to meet you and know what true happiness is! I love you, and I want you to always be as happy as I am when you’re near me!

My darling! You are really precious to me, for real. I love you, because the best, interesting and kindest things in my life are connected with you. You are both a mystery to me and my whole world. If I have inadvertently hurt you, don’t hold it against me. Mistakes are human. But never doubt my true feelings. I am yours alone. And I am proud and happy about it.

I love you, and I want to tell the whole world about it. I can’t imagine life without your presence near me, without the tenderness of your words and the sweetness of your fingers. I can’t imagine my life without your smile that lights up my days, without your love that warms my nights. I can’t imagine my life without you. You are my happiness. I love you.

My good one, before I met you, I didn’t know that I could feel such tenderness, such warmth and a sense of security as I do when you’re around. You taught me how to be myself, you opened my true femininity and made the soft melody of my soul about happiness sound. I intertwine my fingers with yours and realize – I love you with all my heart, my only one!

For the most beautiful man in the world! I love you. My words are nothing compared to what I feel for you. When I look at you, I dream that you look at me tenderly and smile. And then grabbed my hand, hugged me tightly and kissed me. Having you in my life was the meaning of life and I understand how much you were missed. It was you, not anyone else.

My little sunshine, my little darling. I love you very, very much! I want to be near you always, to protect you from the rain and from problems. You are the most precious gift of my life. I want to make you happy every day, every moment.

My sunshine, bright, affectionate mine! My angel, my dearest! My precious, bright and warm! I love you so much! And believe me, I will love you always, do not even doubt it!

The one and only, the most beautiful woman in the world! You hold my heart in your palms, and I fully trust it to you – without conditions, without obligations – forever. I want to live my whole life looking into your magical, ethereal eyes. I want to lead you by the hand and gently protect you from all difficulties. I love you, and that feeling will remain unchanged!

My dear, beloved girl! With every moment I discover new, beautiful qualities in you and with each new day I fall in love with you more and more. There is no more perfect lips and hands, eyes, figure lines, and kinder heart. You’re like a flight, like an unearthly dream, I’m ready to walk with you for decades, until my old age. I love you, my incredible one!

Beloved, I probably do not have enough beautiful words to express my love for you, I love and in this I am sure, because love, it either is or it does not exist, it is one like the sun in the sky. And I am sure that this feeling is sent to us from there. I love you, my darling, I love you madly, because you can’t explain this feeling with your mind, and you don’t have to, but you have to love it very much, like I love you!

The love I feel for you has no boundaries, like the Universe, filled with shining stars like a galaxy, but most of all it’s like the Earth – because it’s the only one!

I love you till my skin freezes, till I cry, I bite my lips till it hurts, I feel my heart groaning. I love you as if there’s only a few days left to live and there’s nothing left to do. Hundreds of veins burst into flames, I cannot smoulder, I am ready to burst into ashes in a cauldron of bright hopes, my nerves are on edge, not enough words to describe my amour. Words are poor, I will prove the power of feelings through deeds.

It took me a long time to find the words, but now I’m ready to confess. Darling, I love you. I think about you every second, and I know that I only want to be with you. Every day I imagine us cuddling in each other’s arms. And that thought makes me happy. I want to go through life with you and share the most meaningful moments.

You and I have been together for a long time, and this is the best part of my life. I want it to be like this always, my beloved. May our feelings for each other not grow cold until our last hour on earth.

With your appearance, my life became filled with bright colors, colors. Every day now has a deep meaning, and the feeling of happiness, harmony, satisfaction from every minute lived constantly settled in my heart. And all thanks to you. I love you!

Thanks to the world, which gave me you! Life played with new colors from the moment of our meeting. You’re like air, it’s hard to even spend a minute without you. I love you. I believe that you are my soul mate. May an angel guard our love!

I am agitated, torn to shreds and burning from the inside out. Throughout all time I have been constantly drawn to you, I feel in you the sunshine particle my heart longs for. Now I’m sure that I can’t do it without you. You are my life, my best world…

I leave the right of choice to you, for me you are an ideal, a dream, a sweet delight. I write these words as if I am delirious, I want to give up everything for your attention and love. I look at you with fear and understanding, one my wrong moves can ruin everything. Let you love me not so tenderly, passionately, faithfully, but a little will be enough for me.

I want to confess my love for you today. This strong and burning feeling brings sweet dreams of us. It gives me strength and faith that I can do anything! My love for you is strong wings that lift easily to the heavens. I want to give you my care and tenderness, to bring you joy every day of my life. I give you my love and hope for reciprocity.

If I had a sea of ink, thousands of quills, and endless fields of paper, I still wouldn’t have enough to describe all the reasons why I love you.

I think that it is about our love that poems are composed, songs are composed, movies are made. I thank fate for our accidental non-accidental meeting. The feeling of love for you helps me every second, every hour to create and work. My soul sings all day long in anticipation of the evening! I believe that my feeling is mutual, and nothing will separate us.

Darling, happiness loves a quiet whisper. I will come to you and whisper: you are my only one; I feel my peace in you; to lose you I cannot, I will not survive. My soul is chained and only you can remove all the locks, letting it free.

When you stole my heart, I knew it was forever. Nothing has changed since then-except that I love you even more!

A declaration of love in your own words

Ever since we met, you’re all I can think of. Tenderness and love for you overwhelm me. I want to talk only about you, compose poems about you, write songs. Thank you for your smile, for your love! Let love stay with us forever!

From the first day of acquaintance with you it became clear that love does exist in this world! Thank you for everything: emotional warmth, tenderness, care, understanding and support! Without you, it would have been much harder for me!

Love. The name and the feeling. The most important feeling in our lives. All good, real and worthwhile things are based on love. Lucky for those who have been able to comprehend this beautiful feeling. Lucky for those who live and “bathe” in love. I love you. These are not just words, but my sincere confession of my deep feeling.

You know, your gaze makes me dizzy, and your smile makes my legs shake… When you’re not around, everything around is gray, and I can’t think about anything but you. Unexpectedly you, my love, appeared in my life, but I’m very glad to know what love is.

I have long existed as an extension of you. Even when you are not around, I can mentally quarrel and make fun of you. But all this is possible as long as we breathe the same air and think the same thoughts. My love for you is my earthly paradise.

My darling, I love you, and I will never tire of telling you so. They say the main thing is the weather in the house, but it depends on the sun, so you are my sunshine, when we are together, the weather is wonderful and the nightingales sing. And this is love if separation is unbearable and the joy of unity is divine. I love you and will love you, knowing that it is mutual and irrevocable.

I love you, my love, as boundless space, so boundless are my feelings for you, I love you and this is the most important of them, I love your face and tender eyes, I love your flying gait and melodious voice, I love the smile on your lips and a diamond tear of joy on your lashes, I love immensely and without limits! You are a ray of light and a symbol of happiness in my life, to love you is the priority of my existence, and to be loved is the limit of my dreams!

The sun is shining hotter, the stars are brighter, the streams are ringing more loudly since the moment we met. I have the feeling that the earth has been spinning in a different direction since we met. I love you to the point of vertigo. I hope my feeling is mutual. May we be the two halves that found each other!

Since we met, I am no longer alone, and a hundred colorful hummingbirds flutter in my heart. When I see you, the whole world lights up with many magic lanterns, and it turns into a fairy tale. I know that what was born in my heart is the most real, earthly love. And I want you to know that I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you! I love you forever.

I look into your bright eyes and see in them a reflection of our future. I see a cozy house with a green garden, I see our children laughing merrily nearby, and I feel the warmth warming our family. I love you and want to dedicate my life only to you!

Confession of love to a guy in your own words

I remember our meeting, when all circumstances came together for us to find each other. It must have been fate. Perhaps everything was supposed to be just so and no other way. And I’m just happy that it happened that way. I want to confess that I’ve loved you very much from the minute we met. -20

You know, I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time. It’s been bothering me for a long time. A very long time. Ever since we started dating. A lot has happened lately. These days. I thank you for every nice minute you’ve given me. Anyway, I guess that’s enough of a drag. It’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I just want to say that I love you madly, just madly! -42

I constantly think about you and I love you very much, I want to give you all my tenderness and caress, to spend unforgettable days and nights with you, to whisper the words of love in your ear and just murr-r-r-cha from pleasure! 21

What is love? You can’t explain it. To understand it, you just have to love it! I love you, more than anything in the world! You are wonderful, my favorite and very dear person to me! 30

Without you, I’m afraid, it would be impossible for me to breathe, to exist, to live! You are my bright ray of happiness, I live with you, I want to fall asleep in your arms, to wake up from your warm breath. I want to sit with my legs tucked under me and watch you do your business, I want to watch movies with you, take walks, I feel good next to you, because I love you madly! 5

My sweet little cat, I love you madly! You are the dearest person for me! You are the clearest sunshine, which pleases me every day! I adore you! I need you more than life! I love you! 37

I’m happy beside you, happy at the thought that I’m yours, happy a thousand times when I see your face, your hands, your lips. Love lives in my heart, the most beautiful feeling for you! And it will never leave my heart, because I want madly to be near you! 16

I want to make you the happiest man on this earth! I want every minute to enjoy you and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, caress … I love you! -3

I love you for your insanely beautiful eyes, which look at me with tenderness and care. I love you for your body that warms me at night. I love you for your hot kisses that make me dizzy! I love you madly! You’re like a gentle sunshine, which pleases me every day! 11

I thank fate for giving me you, I love you so much, and I want our relationship to be the brightest, most positive, beautiful and happy! 21

I don’t need gifts, I only need you, your attention . Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I realize that I live for you. I want to be always with you. I love you more than life. 22

I want to enjoy you and your smile every day, I want to see how happy you are. I love you very much and always look forward to seeing you. 12

I want to kiss you for a long, long time. And then just look at you for a long, long time. 5

I can’t imagine myself without your smile, without your eyes, without your kisses, without your hands. You are my happiness! I love you! -2

My sunshine, breeze, tenderness, my happiness and joy! When you are with me, I take my breath away. When I’m with you, I breathe often and often. I can no longer imagine how I would live without you! I’m grateful to fate for giving me the opportunity to love you! 18

We are together – and I guess this is fate. I want to confess that I have loved you very much since the minute we met, and I hope it’s mutual. 18

I love you the way you can only love once in a lifetime, with a pure heart and soul! You are in my dreams, my dreams and thoughts! When I’m with you, the whole world is filled with joy! 21

You are the dearest and most loved person in the world. When you’re not around for a long time, the world becomes uninteresting. But when you’re with me – there’s no happier person on earth. You’re like the air I breathe and without which I can’t live a second. You’re my whole life and I just can’t live without you! 7

You’re my hope, you’re my love! You’re my soul mate, my destiny. Let our constellation of love shine brightly – brightly. I love you and want to be only with you.

My beloved, dear man on this planet, I want to tell you that I am not me when there is no you! You bring to my world crazy feelings, which cannot be explained with words, you are the meaning of my life, you are my soul, my heart. As long as you’re around I don’t exist, I don’t live. I love you very much.

My beloved, my only one, my dear man. Without you it’s not just hard for me to breathe, it’s impossible for me to breathe without you, because you have become my air, my oxygen. Without you there is darkness around because you have become my sun, my sunshine in the sky. Only my hand in your hand is all I need from destiny. Only your eyes that look into mine. Is that too much to ask?

The strongest and most beautiful feeling in the world is love. Each of us has experienced those exhilarating moments of meeting a loved one. From a small spark, this feeling grows into a huge, blazing fire, which can never be extinguished. And so in my heart, my love, you lit up this big feeling. Seryozha, I love you, and I want to be always near you. Only with you I can be really happy, only next to you I feel protected and loved like a little child.

I am the happiest girl in the world, because I have you, my beloved. My feelings for you are sincere and bright, and I really hope for reciprocity. I want so much to snuggle up to your shoulder, and forget about everything in the world. With you it’s easy and simple for me. Your attention, tenderness, tenderness you just enchant me. Let the fire of our love burn brighter and brighter, let all my plans come true. I will thank fate all my life for giving me you, my only and most desired!

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