A beautiful message to a guy: study in detail

What to write a guy first? 100 phrases to start a conversation

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Many girls, looking back on the sad experience of one of the heroines of the infamous works of Pushkin, continue to believe that the initiative is punishable. And very wrongly! Observations show that those ladies who are not afraid to make the first step, even if it’s a virtual communication, have a better chance to continue to meet friends.

8 important rules of successful virtual communication

  • Put aside fear and embarrassment. After all, it’s only the Internet and even if something goes wrong you would like it to, nothing supernatural will happen. At worst, your message will simply be ignored by the object of adoration. But in the best case, you run the risk of finding a real woman’s happiness, or a pleasant companion, who will appreciate the attention you have shown.

So, making sure you have the most successful photos posted in your profile, and the questionnaire is filled with true facts, it’s time to get down to business!

100 phrases you can write a guy first.

  1. Hi. Interested, intrigued and so I couldn’t silently scroll through your profile.
  2. They say that guys are excited about girls who take the initiative. What do you think about that?
  3. I wasn’t a big fan of physics in school. But looking at your picture, I think I’m starting to understand what electric shocks are.
  4. You’re incredibly stylishly dressed. And I think you can help me with something.
  5. The information on your page has led me to some interesting conclusions. I’d like to voice them right now.
  6. Hello! I must have clicked something wrong on my laptop. Could you help me solve this problem?
  7. Weird, none of the pictures show a stable…but your snow-white horse has to live somewhere, right?
  8. Today, according to my horoscope, is the perfect day to get to know each other. I’m not used to arguing with the stars.
  9. I wonder what could make such a serious young man smile?
  1. I was planning to do a census of the most charming men on this site. Looks like you’ll be first and last on that list.
  2. Wow, just a photo, but what energy!
  3. So, how long were you planning on hiding from me?
  4. You live in the most beautiful city in our country. Can you tell me about its sights?
  5. Do you think we could have a discussion on any topic right now?
  6. This is my first time writing to a guy first, and it’s great that you can’t see the blush on my cheeks.
  7. Do you believe in virtual love?
  8. I just happened to see you in my feed and now I’m just burning with curiosity…
  9. I really like cars too. And I think there’s something we could discuss with you.
  10. “Insolence is another blessing,” I thought, and wrote to you.
  11. My inner voice whispered to me that I had to write you a message.
  12. If you want to lift your spirits in seconds, just ask me how.
  13. Is there a perfect phrase to start a conversation?
  14. We could make a handsome couple, couldn’t we?
  15. Does the gentleman prefer blondes or brunettes?
  16. I’ve long dreamed of meeting an interesting guy. Dreams must come true!
  1. I want to see a movie, recommend something. You always give great recommendations.
  2. I’m going to go see this movie. Would you like to join me?
  3. I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time– when are you going to figure out that I want to go out with you?
  4. I’m going to the park to feed the ducks. Grab some bread and come with me.
  5. Your favorite cafe is so empty and cozy right now. Look how beautiful (you send him a picture).
  6. Can you help me figure this out? I know you’re good at it.
  7. Remember when you said you wanted to go to that concert? My friends can’t go with me, so I suggest we team up.
  8. I listened to the tracks you recommended to me and I love it.
  9. I want to go out on a summer night in the city in pleasant company. You, by the way, are quite suitable.
  10. If we corresponded last time, what would you say to me?
  11. If I asked you to rob a bank right now, what would you say?
  12. Imagine that tomorrow is the last day for all mankind. How would you spend it?
  1. I’m out for a run, and I’ll be at your house in half an hour. If you don’t dare join me, at least look out the window and yell something encouraging.
  2. I suddenly wondered – if you were asked to describe me in three words, what would you say?
  3. I sit in the park and admire the view. If you want to join me, look for me on the blue bench next to a very passionate couple. I think they’re going to eat each other up.
  4. I have a serious question for you. Please take your time and think about it. Now, why is pizza round and we get it in square boxes?
  5. I remembered your joke and I can barely contain my laughter. You are inimitable.
  6. If Batman and Superman were to fight in a battle, who would win?
  7. I had a dream tonight that you asked me out on a date. We had a lot of fun, in case you were wondering.
  8. I heard this song and thought of you.
  9. I want to start communicating with you, but all the jokes have slipped my mind. Help me out.
  10. Recommend a great show. Didn’t you say something about “…”?
  11. I told my friends your joke. They’re crazy about your sense of humor, too.
  12. How was your interview/interview/performance? I’m sure you were on top of your game.
  13. I can’t concentrate on work – I’m reminded of our date last night.
  1. If you don’t ask me out, I will.
  2. Truth or action?
  3. Is it okay that I’ve been laughing about this for half an hour? (There should be a funny photo/meme, etc.)
  4. What was at the seminar/meeting/party today? I’m sure your story will be vivid and concise.
  5. The cafe has a promotion – two cheesecakes for the price of one. I need help right away. Look how appetizing it is (photo).
  6. Have you read the book “…”? I can’t decide how I feel about it. How did you understand the ending?
  7. What an atmospheric picture. I didn’t know you were also a photographer.
  8. Remember you said you wanted to go to that exhibit? It opens tomorrow at 6:00. I’ll be there, so if you want to come over and say hi.
  9. I need your advice. I don’t know how to tell a friend I like him.
  10. You shouldn’t have come to the party last night. In a nutshell – crazy and delightful. I hope your weekend went well.
  11. I have a serious problem. I don’t have anyone to go to the movies with. Can you save me from eating a bucket of popcorn alone?
  1. I just want to tell you that I like you. How about that?
  2. I bet a friend I could get up the courage to text a cute guy first. Congratulate me– I won.
  3. I had a bad day. How do you usually cheer yourself up? Surprise me.
  4. I want to skip school/work tomorrow and have a spontaneous day off. I need a partner. Can I count on you?
  5. Thank you for helping me with … . You saved me!
  6. You looked amazing in that shirt. I couldn’t resist a compliment. I hope I didn’t embarrass you.
  7. I could have thought of something more original, but… Anyway, I like you. Shall we go out?
  8. There’s a girl who likes you. You know who I mean?
  9. I saw the way you looked at me yesterday. I thought we should at least exchange messages. Are you okay with that?
  10. I love hanging out with you. I’d love to go out with you even more.
  11. Now I’ll tell you how my morning went. If you think you have a crazy life… Hell, you can hardly beat me. So, uh…
  1. I’m at a bar with some friends right now and there’s some great music playing. I think it’s kind of your style.
  2. Nobody wants to run with me in the morning. And you were supposed to try something new. Are you in?
  3. I had an interesting dream about you today. Shall I tell you what it was like?

If the plan went wrong…

If suddenly something went wrong and the guy did not respond to your message, it is important to understand that such a thing could happen in the following cases:

  • You failed to arouse his interest. The spark did not ignite. And this does not mean that the problem is with you;
  • The young man is clearly spoiled by women’s attention and has long been accustomed to its manifestations. Moreover, he treats the manifestation of women’s initiative as a matter of course. Maybe he was going to write you a couple of words, but your message was accidentally lost among a thousand others. What to do next, and whether you need such a man – you decide.
  • He’s really busy. It’s no secret that the sign “online” does not guarantee that the young man is ready to instantly respond to a message and maintain a dialogue. In any case, if he wants to and the opportunity arises, he will do it.

So to fall into a protracted depression and to watch the monitor, refreshing the page every now and then, in the hope to see the envelope, it is certainly not worth it. Exactly, as well as pelt the guy with angry messages and questions: “Why are you silent? Otherwise, the reason for his ignoring will fluctuate from the third item to the first.

Compliments to the man: a list of pleasant phrases in your own words.

Say a compliment more often a man. Praise is crucial in any romantic relationship – yes, even for men. While your partner may exude indifference to praise, trust me, when he does something well, he definitely wants to hear about it. Whether it’s in the bedroom or in domestic matters, compliments to a man or a guy will not only bring you and your partner closer together, but it will also make him feel more confident in the relationship.

The good news is that these compliments for men will allow you to lose problems in the following issues: how to praise a man for his appearance and clothes, for his personality, how to compliment a guy via text, and how to compliment a man in bed or after a stormy night.

Compliments to a man in his own words

Below you will find compliments to a man or your boyfriend that will make him fall in love with you all over again.

Compliments to your favorite man

  • I’ll always be short of you, my beloved.
  • My dear one, I admire you.
  • With you my life has become more beautiful and brighter.
  • You are very bossy. And I love it!
  • Your hands are so big and strong.
  • When you smile, my pulse quickens!
  • Everything about you is perfect, your character is strong and solid, and your word is never broken.
  • You are a real man. Thoughtful, gentle and kind.
  • What a pleasure to be near you.
  • You are the ideal of beauty.
  • I am proud of you!
  • You’re a beautiful man.
  • I trust you more than I trust myself.
  • I admire your candor.
  • I could never do it without you.
  • My friends envy me – you’re so suave.
  • You have golden hands.
  • Where others break down and give up, you only get stronger.
  • In that suit, you’re just Mr. respectability.
  • You are reliability itself, so I’m with you like a stone wall!
  • I am amazed how you can contain yourself in every moment of life.
  • You give me peace of mind.
  • How nice to communicate with such an intelligent person.
  • Your sense of justice, strength and kindness have won me over forever.
  • Your gentleness and suavity drive me crazy.
  • Coffee made by your hands is an aphrodisiac for me.
  • You can’t be so beautiful and smart at the same time!
  • You inspire me to be better.
  • I met you, and everything immediately changed in my life. You gave me wings of happiness.
  • You are the epitome of the perfect man.
  • Thank you for being a part of my life.
  • You are strong, generous and fair.
  • A man with such self-discipline I have never met before!
  • You are a wise man.
  • Your voice is like a mantra – soothing and relaxing.
  • You are the most honest man.
  • I fall asleep every day thinking of you.
  • I know you can do anything.
  • You are the best.
  • I’m the envy of every woman in the universe because I have you.
  • You’re a real professional.
  • My head goes around when you unbutton your shirt.
  • You are the gentlest, the most beloved, the most desirable and the only one.
  • You always set a good example for others.
  • I can’t forget last night.
  • You’re my favorite!
  • You are the best!
  • The most beautiful man on the planet.
  • Next to you I feel like a real princess.
  • You have a beautiful smile.
  • You are my ideal.
  • You just look great in pictures!
  • I want to be like you. You are a great role model.
  • You have proven that you can move mountains for your goals.
  • You have a lot of strength in you, and not just physical strength.
  • I have never met a man with such a strong character.
  • You fill my life with incredible emotions.
  • I admire the way you go about your business unhurriedly and confidently.
  • The man I can be a hundred percent sure of is you.
  • I seem to know you well, but you never cease to amaze me.
  • I’m not scared with you.
  • You’re charming.
  • I admire how clear, calm and convincing you are.
  • You’re a great lover.
  • You surprise me with your sensuality and sexual temperament.
  • You always succeed in everything. I’m proud!
  • You’re a man who leads by example with his strength and courage, who doesn’t give you the benefit of the doubt, who has your back and supports you in your hour of need.
  • How wonderfully you combine intelligence, determination and responsibility.
  • I’ve never doubted your integrity.
  • I have a lot of fun with you, you have a great sense of humor.
  • You are a great conversationalist.
  • I am happy that I am yours. Thank you for choosing me.
  • You have the kindest heart.
  • You inspire me.
  • You’re a cool kisser.
  • Your smile drives me crazy!
  • It’s nice to have a well-groomed man around.
  • Your figure is the envy of athletes.
  • In your eyes you can drown.
  • Strong, courageous, manly, reliable – that’s all about you!
  • You’re a self-sufficient, mature man.
  • You are so strong!
  • A man with a beard always looks seductive.
  • You have an exciting voice.
  • You have absolutely everything I need in you.
  • It pleases me to see how everyone respects you.
  • It’s extraordinary: your hands are so strong, yet gentle. They make me feel like a little girl protected by a strong, loving man.
  • You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • You have such a great figure that any clothes look great on you.
  • I love being with you, listening to your cheerful laughter, looking into your beautiful eyes.
  • Everything about you is not just harmonious, but perfect!
  • You are one of the smartest people I have ever met.
  • You are a real man, the one with whom everyone is comfortable around: friends, colleagues, relatives, and the girl I love.
  • I am so lucky to have such a loving man by my side.
  • You are faithful and handsome.
  • You are so incredible.
  • You are sensitive and kind.
  • You make me feel like a queen.
  • You take responsibility for your words. I like that.
  • Your hugs are so warm and nice.
  • You are always very tidy.
  • Your muscles are amazing.
  • You are the sweetest and most statuesque man.
  • I love your slight unshavenness that suits your style well.
  • You are my rock and hope, you have done so much and I am sure you will do even more.
  • I appreciate everything you do for me.
  • You’re very brave.
  • You’re so damn strong.
  • You’re touching.
  • Talking to you brings out the best in a person.
  • I feel protected around you.
  • You’re a real winner, conqueror, and leader. You have success in you from birth, and no matter what difficulties – you will achieve your goal.
  • Your radiant smile makes me lose my mind, because your charm has no limits!
  • Your muscular form makes me go crazy!

Compliments to a man after the night out

Want to compliment a man after a rough night and do not know what to say or write? We suggest using the options for nice words for a man or a guy below in the list.

  • You awaken my deepest desires.
  • You are the best lover.
  • I love the scent of your body.
  • It was incredibly pleasurable for me.
  • You have a gorgeous body that I want to look at.
  • I love just lying next to you.
  • You gave me incredible pleasure.
  • Your brutal look excites me.
  • You are so passionate.
  • The intimacy with you is always top notch.
  • I can’t forget last night.
  • You’re very sexy.
  • The passion for you makes me lose my head.
  • I’ve never felt so good in bed.
  • I’m looking forward to tonight – I’m sure I’m in for something unreal pleasurable.

Compliments to a man in one word

If you don’t want to say or write much, we suggest compliments to a man in one word. Such phrases will like a man or a guy, make him more confident and happier.

  • Beautiful .
  • Focused
  • Independent
  • Creative
  • Trustworthy
  • Diligent
  • Conscientious
  • Committed
  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Versatile
  • Smart
  • Inquisitive
  • Persistent
  • Determined
  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Organized
  • Easy to communicate
  • Friendly
  • Persuasive
  • Confident
  • Strong in spirit
  • Devoted
  • Positive
  • Cheerful
  • Supportive
  • Professional
  • Perceptive
  • Insightful
  • Simple
  • Gentle
  • Genuine
  • Empathetic
  • Passionate
  • Good
  • Enterprising
  • Charming
  • Balanced

How to Compliment a Man

Before you dive into our list of compliments to a man, however, we’d like to share some ideas on how to sincerely compliment a man. You know the man or guy in question better than anyone, but the following points are worth considering.

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