A beautiful letter to a guy who likes it: let’s deal extensively

How to write a guy first: 270 messages to hook and interest a man

Sometimes it’s difficult for girls to make the first step towards a man, but we can help them. Girls can sit for a long time waiting for his knight, who will kill the dragon and save from loneliness from the tower, but it is rather closer to the fairy tale. Many girls, even in the 21st century are afraid to write to the guy first, to make a proposal or show initiative. Girls themselves need to act if they want to find a man and be happy in a relationship, and not sit in the girls until old age, missing all the men. What to write to a guy or a man?

How can you write a nice and interesting to a guy?

Sooner or later a woman finds herself in a dilemma. You can sit and wait for them from heaven, or you can take the initiative yourself. Make the first move many girls do not like, because they may be considered available or may refuse, which will strike a blow to a fragile female ego. But smart and strong girls are not afraid to make the first move to get men into their grasping hands.

It has always been said that a man is a hunter and a woman is a cowardly victim, obediently waiting for her strong master. But is it so in today’s world? Everything has long since changed, gender equality has overtaken everyone, and the roles of the sexes have been mixed up. Now it is normal for a woman and a man to take the initiative, because it does not matter who made the first move, as long as they are happy together.

Sometimes men can be interested in some game, as if you want to have a little fun. You can suggest that a man play a correspondence game called “Truth or Action.” (See “Truth or Action” correspondence game online) This game opens up many opportunities to get to know a man better, as well as seduce him. You can use more cheeky and slutty questions with assignments. (See Truth or Action: slutty tasks and questions)

Girls who aren’t afraid to make the first move and take the initiative will always find a man, unlike coy cowards. But if you do not want to be an old maid, then take the bull, or rather the initiative and the man himself in his feminine claws yourself.

How to write to a guy first? A list of messages to a guy you like

Still thinking about how to write a guy nice in your own words to get interested and get a response? Men are pretty simple creatures, and they rather need a signal, because they are not always confident or bad at reading women’s hints. It is time to write to a guy to strike up a conversation and further communication with all the ensuing consequences, as a relationship, love, intimacy and even marriage.

You have to wave the red rag in front of the man and then wait for the reaction of the male inside the man. If a man is available and he’s a little interested in you, he’ll get into a conversation that could lead to a date. It’s better to take the initiative and get rejected than to let a cool guy go without a fight and give him to other chicks.

20. Picked out a dress for work, but I don’t know if it’s provocative or okay. Any advice?

21. Just read a book that you’ll love. Do you want me to give it to you?

22. I’ve never met a man with such amazing eyes.

41. Are you more of a business girl or more of a home girl?

42. If you send your picture, I’ll send mine.

43. I’m bad at starting conversations first. Can you help me?

44. I’m lying naked in bed and wondering what movie to choose. Can you give me a hint?

45. If you’ve been waiting for Friday, today’s the day.

56. Hi. I want to wish you sweet dreams and a soft bed.

63. I’m sitting in the bathroom and I miss you. How are you doing?

64. Will you keep me company when I go out?

65. How do you usually spend your weekends?

66. I’m a little drunk and bored.

67. I need you as a man. Can you help me hang a picture?

68. I want to have an adventure in my second ninety.

84. Oh, God, what a man, I want a son from you. And I want a daughter from you, period, period!

85. Why are you sad? Do you want me to cheer you up?

86. You can take a picture with me, otherwise my girlfriends don’t believe that normal men exist.

87. Do you know how to sharpen knives? Because in my kitchen, they don’t cut at all.

88. Do you prefer bitches or pineapples?

89. Have you ever wanted to go to a nudist beach?

90. Your look can melt any woman’s heart.

103. There was a good girl and a bad girl struggling in me. So I decided to write to you.

104. I want to buy a gift for my father, can you help me choose?

105. I want to be the one to wake you up in the morning.

106. What’s your favorite place in town?

107. Maybe I’m too direct and honest, but I like you.

108. Going out with company. Can you keep me company, because everyone will be in pairs?

109. What color are your eyes, ’cause I can’t tell?

110. You have such strong arms.

111. How do you manage to be so mysterious?

112. I have two tickets for football/boxing. Do you want to go?

113. I’m so hungry for champagne and chocolate.

114. I don’t know how to text a guy first, but I really want to give you some kind of sign.

115. Have you ever watched Fifty Shades of Grey?

116. Do you like pretty girls or smart girls better?

117. A pretty girl’s phone number is texting you. Why don’t you text her?

118. Did you hear there’s a cool band coming to visit us?

119. My cat scratched all over my hands, although I should be the one scratching men.

120. You’re a very smart man. Can I get some advice from you?

121. I feel like watching a movie today. Will you keep me company?

122. What kind of girls do you like?

123. I’ve always wanted to go bowling. What do you think of that?

124. I can’t sleep tonight.

125. Do you believe in love at first sight?

126. I saw a new cartoon came out. Maybe we should watch it together.

127. Why is a man like that lonely?

128. Do you like stormy relationships or quiet ones?

129. Can I use you as a vest to cry into?

130. I was invited to a colleague’s birthday party. Can you tell me what to buy?

131. Let’s skip the formal part and plan our date right away?

132. Who would bring breakfast in bed.

133. A star just fell in the sky. Guess what?

134. Do you think a girl can write first to a man or not?

135. Do you consider yourself a strong man?

136. I want to learn how to play basketball/volleyball/tennis. Do you know how?

137. Do you think love still exists or is it just a myth?

138. Do you think I should make decisions rationally or follow my instincts?

139. Found a funny video, check it out.

140. It’s so cold outside that I’m freezing.

141. If tomorrow was the end of the world, what would you do?

142. I’m going for a bike/scooter ride. Will you keep me company?

143. If you don’t know what to write to a girl first, a simple “hello” will suffice.

144. I heard there’s a sports game this weekend. Can you keep me company?

145. Can you help me in one case, because I heard that you are a specialist.

146. I hope I didn’t embarrass you by writing first?

147. Do you believe in ghosts?

148. What I want so much, but I can’t figure out what it is.

149. What are your hobbies and interests?

150. I like your character.

151. I’ve figured out how to write a guy the first thousand phrases, but I’m shy to start.

152. Can you recommend some interesting book?

153. Looking for a companion to go to the water park.

154. What’s a good-looking guy like you doing on a dating site?

155. I had a dream about you. Do you want to know what was going on there?

156. I want to go for a walk in the park today.

157. You’re a very interesting person to talk to.

158. Do girls often write to you first?

159. If I asked you to rob a bank with me, would you say yes?

160. I haven’t been given flowers in ages.

161. I can’t figure out the phone, don’t you figure it out?

162. I bet I can cheer you up with one picture.

163. Sometimes I think there aren’t men like you anymore.

164. If you want to ask me out on a date, but suggest it.

165. I’ve heard that breeding in space is impossible. Isn’t that boring?

166. I remembered your joke and I’m still laughing.

167. What’s your horoscope? I want to check our compatibility.

168. I’m going for a run. Want to come along?

169. What are your plans for the weekend, because I’m free and deciding what to do.

170. Can you tell me where to go this summer?

171. Can you explain one traffic rule to me, because I’m confused.

172. I don’t know how to start a conversation, but I’m learning!

173. Can you tell me where to go for a meal?

174. I so want to pretend I’m sick and skip work tomorrow.

175. Do you want to know what I thought of you when I saw you?

176. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a famous person?

177. Let’s say a guy likes a girl. How do you write a guy to the first girl?

178. I want to take a walk down the street tonight. What do you think of the idea?

179. When I’m on the street, I look for you with my eyes. Can you believe that?

180. Sometimes in life you want what you don’t know what.

181. Did you smile when you saw my name on the phone?

182. You’re so cute I like you.

183. Missing me already?

184. I just happened to visit your page and I wanted to write.

185. I want to join a swimming pool. Do you know how to swim?

186. How long have you been waiting for a message from me?

187. Do you want to go to the park to see the rides?

188. Why so sad in the pictures?

189. Do you think money solves the problem of happiness or not?

190. What are your plans for dinner? We could have thought of something.

191. I’ve already forgotten the last time we talked. Can we change that?

192. Thinking about you today distracted me from work.

193. You look very unusual. You must have a creative personality.

194. If you’ve been waiting for your chance, here it is.

195. Have you been told that you know how to make an impression?

196. Good girls don’t text first, or do they? Now I don’t know what I am.

197. What are your plans for the day and is there room for me?

198. Maybe we’re not perfect, but maybe we’re right for each other?

199. Here I sit, waiting for messages from you.

200. I feel like I need you right this minute.

201. I’ve already forgotten the last time we talked. I need to fix that.

202. Do you think you can find true love on the internet?

203. Shall we keep quiet or shall we meet tonight?

204. If you were a girl, how would you text a guy to strike up a conversation?

205. Just heard a cool song. Would you like to hear it.

206. And they said there were no handsome men left.

207. How would you describe me in three words?

208. You are a very smart man. Can I get some advice from you?

209. Do you want to know what I think of you?

210. It’s raining/snowing…

211. Why do I have to write first?

212. you look cool in pictures.

213. If you don’t write to me, I will.

214. I look forward to seeing you.

215. My inner voice told me to write you a message.

216. I’m sure you look great today. As always, in fact.

217. Do you ever get the feeling that you don’t know what you want?

218. I’ve already forgotten what you look like.

219. How long are you going to be busy doing things?

220. Sometimes I feel drawn to you.

221. If you’re a prince on a white horse, where are you hiding it?

222. If I asked you out on a date, would you say yes?

223. You looked cool in that picture, I give you 10 likes.

224. If you say your heart is busy, that would make me sad.

225. I want to play a game with you.

226. I don’t like to lie, for I want to tell you that I like you.

227. Have you ever been to this club?

228. Give me advice as a man, how to write to a guy first?

229. The mood ran away from me today. Have you seen him?

230. Hey handsome, what’s up?

231. Good morning, sunshine. Though I’d rather see your face in the morning.

232. I suppose we could be interesting to each other.

233. I don’t like you being obscure and far away.

234. You look very provocative.

235. Have you ever guessed at cards?

236. What do you think of the latest news?

237. It must be good to find someone who will love you.

238. Do you believe in love at first sight? What about second or subsequent ones?

239. I just want to write to you first.

240. I want to talk all night, but you don’t say anything.

241. How long can you remain a stranger to me?

242. What could be better than your answer? An invitation not a date.

243. Can you make my day better and lift my spirits?

244. I can’t sit in silence when I see you online.

245. Been waiting all day to write to you.

246. I’m sorry for writing first. Girls shouldn’t be intrusive?

247. How was work today?

248. I had a bad day. How do you usually cheer yourself up?

249. I wanted to write to you, or rather I already am.

250. Your smile makes me lose my mind.

251. My middle name is a holiday and happiness, in case you didn’t know.

252. Don’t you know where the romance has gone from a relationship?

253. I suppose we have a lot to tell each other.

254. Do you love your job or not?

255. Can you take me away from the land of loneliness?

256. Do you think we have much in common?

257. Can such a handsome guy be an interesting conversationalist?

258. I never thought I’d miss your messages.

259. When are you ready to ask me out?

260. I’m guessing you’re pretty tired after work. Can we go out?

261. I’ve been waiting all day for you to write me.

262. How do guys react if a girl decides to write first?

263. Can you write me something?

264. Life is sometimes unpredictable that even a pretty girl writes first.

265. Thought about writing you or not, but you see which result won.

266. Your haircut reminds me of a famous actor.

267. You’re not perfect, but you’re very close to it.

268. How long does it take you to fall in love with me?

269. I took the first step, now it’s your turn.

270. How’s your day today? Let’s chat over a cup of coffee, shall we?

Write the first man is not difficult, because it’s a great opportunity to shake him up and initiate further communication. And what happens next and where the curve of fate, will be seen later.

How do I write to a guy who doesn’t answer?

Men do not always respond to messages. There can be many reasons for this. Usually it indicates that he already has a girlfriend or wife. Sometimes you yourself have not come to his liking and he likes a completely different type of girl. It is difficult to argue with this, but sometimes you can write to a man a couple of times to try to catch and interest. How to write to the guy, if you do not respond?

  • Attention, attention! A reminder that you forgot to answer me.
  • Silence is gold, but it’s the one gold that girls don’t like.
  • It’s been so long since you wrote that I have to take it in my fragile hands.
  • If you don’t write me, I have to answer other people’s messages.
  • I have a hundred incoming messages on my phone, but not from you.
  • Guess what I want to do to you when you don’t answer?
  • Send me a smiley face if you’re being held hostage and can’t talk.
  • Are you sick? I haven’t heard from you in a while.
  • Haven’t seen your smiley faces in real life in a while.
  • I hope that you do not answer because you lost your phone or it died.
  • Insolence is second happiness, so I decided to write to you again.
  • Don’t make me get bored and get wet in the rain.
  • I’ve been dreaming about you all night, and now you’re not saying anything.
  • I suppose being silent is a bad strategy for me to like you.
  • Were you thinking of texting me, too, but didn’t get around to it first?

Sometimes a man doesn’t respond to messages, then you can just send a picture of yourself looking good. If your interest in a man is high, you can use photos with elements of provocation and even nudity. This can be lingerie, semi-nude photos, hot selfies, photos from the bathroom or swimsuit photos from a vacation or maybe the pool.

When a man stubbornly fails to respond, it’s best to score and find yourself another. It’s better to avoid a relationship where the man doesn’t really want to go out with you. This will prevent you from wasting your time, in which you can snag a dozen other cool and respectable men. And what messages do you write and what photos do you send that will hook, interest and intrigue a man?

How to write a kind and gentle letter to your loved one, a man?

A gentle letter of Love and tender feelings to the man you love

Imagine that you have fallen in love (very much!) with a man who, unfortunately, lives far away from you. You have loved him for a long time. But you no longer have the strength to hide your love for him. Describe what you feel in writing. It will make you feel better. It will make him feel better. If you love him, ignore the miles that separate you! On the contrary, let him know that miles – nothing, the main thing – feelings!

Write to your beloved

Something that’ll make his heart melt. Do you doubt that he needs you? You’re afraid he won’t reciprocate. Don’t be afraid. You write!

Don’t spread any negativity on the lines. Try to dodge it, no matter how hard it is for you. Imbue the whole letter with kindness, tenderness, and good humor.

Example of a gentle and kind letter to a loved one

My beloved and affectionate little angel! Night. I know that you are already asleep. And I am writing because I want you to know a lot of things. Even what you already know…

I love you, sweetheart. You don’t know how I feel. Maybe you do. You and I are very close friends. You’re closer than a friend. That’s exactly what I told you. I’m sorry to say it again.

We’ve never seen each other

We’ve never seen each other in reality, but I’m waiting for the day when you come. It’s a little more than a month away. But I will wait for you, my happiness. We agreed that we would leave things as they are. I won’t insist on anything, I won’t demand anything. What’s important to me is that we see each other. You know how much I look forward to that….

We joke around when we text about love. I try not to give away my feelings. I’ll tell you that I love you when I meet you. How you’ll respond, I don’t know. But the main thing is that I will open up to you. Right now I’m afraid…

♪ kitten, you’re the sweetest thing ♪ I’m so scared. That you’ll find someone else while we’re at a distance. You went out on Vkontakte once. It was a summer night. But I know that’s when you’re sleeping.

I had two theories:

  • One: “He’s not alone. Some girl’s been looking at his Facebook page.”
  • Two: “He went online to see if I was there or not. And to see my pictures, too.” ….

The second came later. That’s always the way: bad things come to mind first. Jealousy. How it pisses me off! I did not think that it will be in me, too. But it has entered and does not let go. Will she let go?

About the past

You know I broke up with my boyfriend. And you claimed his place. He called me yesterday. And I told you about that, too, because I have no secrets from you. Our mutual friends say he wants to get back together with me. And that’s what you found out about. Sadly, without a smiley face, you asked: “What about you?” I thought long and hard about how to answer so that you would get it right. And my answer was, “Most of all, I want to meet you. If I go back to him – a lot can change. You didn’t answer me for half an hour, which seemed like an eternity to me…. Do you remember what you answered? You replied, “Hmmm…..” How to interpret it – I don’t know…. That’s why I had to say that I was kidding again. I’m polishing all the words so I don’t offend you or hurt you.

About the future.

Sweetheart, you are very, very precious to me. If I lose you, my life is over. And I want to spend it with you! I want to erase all boundaries of friendship…. All of them! Every single one! I want there to be only friendship between us – love.

I long to dial your number, but yesterday you dropped your cell phone. It doesn’t work. That makes me sad. I don’t know your home number. I asked for it, but you didn’t write. I guess you were afraid I’d call you a lot, huh? – Just kidding!

I love you! I love you, my darling boy. Can’t we be together forever? It’s so sad and depressing without you. All my friends see how “gray” I am when I don’t talk to you online or on my cell phone. Give me a rainbow, please. My rainbow is you and your feelings for me….

I dream of not letting you go…. I long for your touch, your caresses, your kisses…. Do you know how I imagined our first meeting? You calling me from the train station, telling me you’ve arrived and waiting for me at the entrance. I run out of the vestibule door, call the elevator…. You’re in the elevator. You get out of it, take me in your arms and kiss me sweetly.

I forget that we are friends, not dating. I wish it were different. I love it so much when you call me angel…. I’ll be posting a new Facebook status soon: “I work as a personal angel for my closest friend. I’m not going to quit. I am so tired of virtual communication. My darling sunshine, come quickly. I do not pretend to much. I just want to see you. I promise that I will hold back all the impulses of passion that live in me for you. I promise I will kiss you on the cheek as we agreed. I will do all that I have promised you, my little sunshine.

I’m running out of patience

Even now I’m ready to rush to you, my happiness. I can’t stand it, I’ll buy a train ticket, and I’ll come to you. It’s 500 kilometers between us. It’s a huge change. It’s a pity there is any distance between us at all. But we shall overcome it, my love!

I write this letter knowing that everything in it is sincere and beautiful. Everything is dedicated only to you, my extraordinary dream. Yes, speaking of dreams…. I remembered something…. We were talking on the cell phone. I said good night to you. And you hinted that you could dream about me. Sweetheart, I really want to dream about you every night! I want to fall asleep next to you and wake up…. I’m sorry that I want so much. But I have the right to tell you everything as it is.

You’re the man of my dreams

Yes, we haven’t seen each other in my life, but I have loved you so much…. I resisted my feeling, preferring not to believe in it. But love is very strong. It overcame me, ripped out of my chest, flew into every line of this letter…. Love you…. Sorry about that if you can…. Just know, remember that you are the only one I have.

Without you I’m a drop of dew, a speck of rain on the glass, a grain of sand on the coast…. Be with me, my angel! I’ll be able to give you unearthly happiness. I need only one chance to carry out such a plan.

My love is the truest

You’ll know I’m not lying if we’re together. I need you…. More than air. You are my life. Because I love you madly. Anyone who’s fallen in love on the Internet can understand me.

I’m waiting for you, my little bunny. You call me that too…. And it feels so good, so good it makes me feel so good. I am your sunny bunny, who guards and loves you.

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