5 years of marriage: what wedding

What to give for 5 years of marriage, traditions and congratulations

For 5 years of life together, the couple manages to overcome a large number of problems and difficulties together. Therefore, not for nothing 5 years of marriage in the people called the date of the wooden.

Why is the name of the 5th anniversary of the wedding “wooden”?

Wood, in most cultures of the world, means peace and life itself. In some peoples of the world, trees were symbols of the unity of the material and spiritual worlds. During this time, the couple transforms from young lovers, usually into a rather strong and loving family. A tree wedding is an occasion to remember the shared goals and obstacles the couple has gone through together during this time.

It is said that if there is a child in the family, then the family tree is bearing fruit. That’s why the wooden anniversary is considered one of the most lasting and heartwarming.

What is the critical family mark

The 5-year wedding anniversary is considered by many to be a certain boundary, after passing which the couple becomes truly strong. Over the past years, the spouses have time to get to know each other almost completely, both in terms of personal relationships and in terms of management of everyday life.

In general, if you study folk beliefs, there are several most important family “boundaries. These are the dates at 3 and 5 years of life together after marriage. If the couple manages to overcome them, even if not without misunderstandings and minor quarrels, it means that love will live forever.

Rites and traditions for a wooden wedding

The ancestors carefully observed the established traditions and rituals. Perhaps that’s why one of the main traditions of the 5-year wedding anniversary is the joint planting of a tree. It is ideal if the couple not only plant together, but also choose a tree and a suitable sapling. If the couple lives in a country house, it is best to plant a tree on their plot. Such a ritual will allow you to find a natural patron and protector of the family home. Naturally, the tree will need additional care. But for the attention paid to the tree will thank strong protection of the family and the house. Many couples do not know what kind of tree is best to choose for planting. Experts advise to pay attention to a number of the following options:

  • apricot protects the couple from the appearance of a third party in the relationship, is considered a strong family talisman;
  • birch helps to find healthy offspring, makes the house cozier and warmer;
  • hawthorn brings good luck to a couple;
  • elm is considered a strong talisman for winners, suitable for couples with high ambitions of any plan;
  • Cherry renews relationships, gives romance. Suitable for couples who love to travel;
  • pear brings luck and good fortune to the couple;
  • oak provides reliability for the couple, gives confidence in the partner;
  • chestnut protects and cleanses from contrived negative attitudes of envious people;
  • the maple tree will help to cope with emotional tension, overcome a crisis in the relationship;
  • rowan tree does not let others’ wills interfere in the relationship, makes the couple independent;
  • plum will become a reliable family and spiritual talisman, connecting souls;
  • apple tree will be suitable for young and sensual couples who wish to keep passion and sexual attraction;
  • With the help of the ash tree you can connect the spiritual and material worlds. Suitable for couples in which each partner cares both about their own development and the perfection of their mate;
  • Alder, as well as willow, should be chosen by couples who value trust and sincere love;
  • with the help of juniper can provide eternal life to the soul;
  • trees with fruits can help ensure healthy offspring, good health, and sexual attractiveness to your partner;
  • exotic plants will give the couple a new emotional and physical experience.

A wooden wedding does not dictate the strict planting of real trees. The couple may well purchase a flower or other plant in a pot, the important thing is that it should be a symbol of wood and nature and natural life. Another creative way out would be to order a special wish tree. Usually such a tree is in a frame and has a convex 3D format. Some couples may decorate special trees or places in park areas with wish ribbons.

In ancient times, it was common for families to renew their dishes for 5 years of life together. Moreover, it is desirable that the husband carved it from wood himself, rather than buying it from the hands. Such a ritual was a demonstration of skill and diligence, as the owner of the house. It was the wife’s responsibility to decorate the crockery she made. Thus the girl showed the beauty of a woman’s nature. Another rite that existed in ancient times was the burning of linen figurines, which were given to the family for the 4th anniversary. This marked the final milestone passed and the new level of the relationship. And also the burning of the past, especially of a negative nature.

What to give as a gift for 5 years since the wedding

5 years of marriage is an occasion to give those gifts that will be useful for both the family and the individual One of the most practical and symbolic gifts to the spouse – wooden jewelry. The cheat sheet given above can be considered when choosing. Ornaments can be made by hand, as well as have different designs: from simple, to an intricate plot with mystical overtones. You can complement the gift with a wooden box and a heartfelt card.

When choosing a gift for a spouse, it is important to remember his hobbies. The choices are wide, ranging from the board game format Jenga and ending with a wooden accessory for business or car.

It is not uncommon for a couple to have children after 5 years of life together, who should also be happy on an important date. If the couple has a daughter and she is old enough, you can give her her first plant that is easy to care for, such as a money tree. For boys, a win-win option would be a gift in the form of a wooden toy with a favorite theme.

Possible gifts from guests at the celebration

If the couple is planning to celebrate the date in a friendly or family company, it’s logical to expect memorable gifts from guests. And guests should choose knowledgeable options that will benefit the fortified family. If guests don’t know what to give their spouses, one of the following gift options can be chosen:

  • Wooden dishes, trays and other kitchen utensils that will always come in handy for families;
  • Artistic products in the form of wooden figurines or tapestries;
  • you can give an original gift in the form of a wooden clock or a perpetual calendar;
  • Amulets, lucky trees, fortune cookies in a wooden box can serve as symbolic gifts;
  • gifts of a more substantial nature can be furniture made of wood or various interior items;
  • You can give a trip for two or a joint memorable photo shoot with a certificate;
  • wood sports and travel equipment, if the couple is fond of the above topics;
  • A gift of a hike to a themed museum-reserve, if weather conditions permit.

It is important to consult with the couple before giving substantial and symbolic gifts. Not everyone may like such gestures from guests, and if the gift is about religion, it is best to leave the choice of gift to the couple. Since faith and the choice of amulets is a personal matter for each partner.

How to Celebrate a Wooden Wedding

The fifth wedding anniversary is an event worth celebrating more lavishly than previous years. Some couples choose a method of celebration such as a repeat wedding. This method will diversify the relationship, refresh the romance, and help overcome the crisis. It will also serve as a renewal of the vows of fidelity, which can help to ensure each other’s fidelity. Looking at the solution to this issue from a historical perspective, there are several ingrained ways to celebrate a wooden wedding.

The traditional version of the celebration.

This method involves celebrating the anniversary outdoors. It is ideal if you manage to go out for kebabs or spend time in the woods. It is very important to be able to balance your desire for solitude and a trip to nature. On the eve of the event, it is necessary to do things together that will have to do with the tree, nature. The couple gives each other those things that will bind them. There is a great variety of options for gifts, the only condition is that it must be wooden.

A more convenient option for the holiday

This method is optimal for either too busy couples or those who prefer the home environment to outings into nature. With this approach, the ideal solution would be the same mock wedding that was 5 years ago. Or a quiet family atmosphere with a romantic continuation in the evening. As guests, you can invite your closest friends and relatives. Or most of those who were at the wedding 5 years ago. With a home celebration, family ties and generational kinship can be strengthened and friendships renewed.

Wooden anniversary in eco-style.

The 5th anniversary is closely related to the theme of nature, so this solution for some couples is unconventional and obvious at the same time. The day before the celebration, you can arrange a festive cleaning of the nearest area of the forest or your plot in the case of living in a private home. Then there is the planting of selected trees. As a photo session, a bicycle theme would be ideal. Such an event is completed by a themed dinner of quality and organic products. And then you can set yourself new goals, namely, to live as well until the 10th anniversary of married life together.

5 years of marriage – congratulations

You are already five years married, The date is a jubilee, Let the family life be in care and prosperity.

Let luck Never leave your Home, And love for all the years For each other will not grow cold.

Happy Five-Year Anniversary, Happy Wooden Wedding! Let life be multicolored, bright and unadorned.

Let love unite your souls and hearts, Help you to survive everything, Inspire you without end.

You’ve been together for 5 years already: Respect to the groom, respect to the bride. I wish you Happy anniversary, On this day I wish you Eat life’s honey with a wooden spoon From the jug. “And on your wedding day, when you’ve eaten all the red caviar, you can say, ‘Life’s a success!'”

We’d like to congratulate you, So that you don’t forget that all your family life Is made up of weddings.

You’ve worn chintz, you’ve worn linen, you’ve worn paper, Today, Strange as it may seem, It’s going to be a wooden wedding.

Not yet the most precious, But reliable, faithful, sturdy, generous, and large. To live to a wedding of gold!

Happy anniversary, happy fifth anniversary, Wishing you all a single mind and soul.

May the feeling only grow, May your understanding grow, May your wedding ring bring You happiness.

The years have flown by quickly, You’ve grown a little older, You’ve become prettier and wiser, You’ve become even warmer.

You take care of each other From bad luck and fright, You give tenderness and love, Warming your feelings again!

We are happy for your couple, For walks on the boulevard, For idyll and fidelity, And family regularity!

Know that this “five years” is Only the starting point Of your Friendship and love And family beauty!

It’s a great blessing to be together, Five years, so many bright days in them! To cherish your family, And become more and more kindred!

We wish you Happiness knocking at your door To fill your life with kindness, Love make your marriage stronger And make your soul with magic!

Happy fifth wedding anniversary! # Let your life be rich, Let it be full of goodness and joy, What you’ve planned and what you’ve planned come true.

May your house be a cupful, And your love – a great cupful indeed. Let fate grant you Happiness, Let joy begin anew!

Five years of marriage is another important milestone in the married life of the couple. Which will give it strength and help renew the relationship to overcome new obstacles and joint joys.

Wooden wedding (5 years) – what wedding, congratulations, poems, prose, texts

Wooden wedding or five years of marriage is a small anniversary for the spouses. You can say that it is the first anniversary of life in marriage, which must be celebrated. If the previous anniversaries going before the wooden wedding were the first steps of life together, it is a reliable proof of the strength of the family ties. Even the name of the anniversary speaks to this.

The symbol of this anniversary is the tree, which is not only a strong material, but also a sign of life and longevity. Each tree has roots, which, in this case, suggests that by the fifth anniversary of married life in the family should already have a child. It should also be noted that for this anniversary, the tree also says that the couple should get a wooden house or just a house.

Invited guests, respectively, should give wooden products, whose choice is quite large: wooden dishes, photo frames, caskets, etc. Wooden gifts indicate that the guests wish the couple the longevity of their married life.

Happy five-year anniversary, Wooden wedding to you! You’ve become one family, Strengthening your bond.

Let your family grow and grow strong, Let your marriage be happy, Let joy live in your home, And always be so.

I wish you to bathe in tenderness, To keep your love. Don’t quarrel about nothing, Appreciate each other sincerely.

Five years ago a miracle happened, A good solid marriage was born, So Happy Wooden anniversary, And God give you the good wishes!

patience, wisdom in your life, To be able to forget offenses, To forgive the mistakes only from the heart, And after centuries to remember.

Family keys to happiness You’ll never lose, And every day in each other only Good things to know!

Congratulations to your family on your first anniversary, the Wooden wedding! Let these 5 years of life together serve as the beginning of endless happiness and boundless love. I wish you mutual understanding, respect and many more years of happy family life.

Happy Five-Year Anniversary, Happy Wooden Wedding to you! Let life be multicolored, bright and unadorned.

Let love unite your souls and hearts, Help you to survive everything, Inspire you without end.

Your family is already five years old! You have achieved many victories. Love helps you, It only blossoms more.

Happy anniversary to you! I wish you support, happiness. Let the tree of love grow, Let it always blossom.

I wish to live without troubles, worries And only always go forward, Always make your dreams come true, Understand each other better!

You’ve passed this mark, Five years of married life, With what we warmly congratulate you And share your joy.

Let all be super in your family nest, everything is perfect. Success, health, peace and harmony Reign in your family.

We wish you luck, happiness and prosperity, To love each other without a glance We wish you tirelessly On your wooden wedding day.

It’s your five-year jubilee. So be happy! We heartily congratulate you, We wish you Love and joy.

Let the marriage tree blossom And let its fruits give, So that you’ll always be happy, So that the family will grow and grow!

Happy Wooden anniversary, You’ve been together for five years, You’ve seen a lot – You’ve been through a maternity leave!

We wish you health, Happiness in life for ever, To live with passion and love, To make yourself well!

We wish you hear each other, we wish you trust, we wish you keep house, No misfortune, no evil wind could separate you!

It’s been 5 years since you took a vow of fidelity. You’ve been blessed by your family, You’ve joined your fates together.

On your wedding day, Wooden, I wish you never to be deceived, To live in love with each other for a long time, And to cherish your marriage.

To surround each other with care, affection, compassion. To be able to understand, be able to forgive And live every day in happiness.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Happy First Anniversary! Let love grow stronger every year!

Let the wooden wedding bind the family forever, We wish a lot of happiness to you and your children!

Five years of married life. One idea, one decision. For these marvelous five years You have given each other a vow To be kindred soul and body, And it means that we can bravely congratulate You on the anniversary, Only wish joy. Love to you, my dears, . always, in all your years. Let your joy be constant Since your wedding day.

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