4 months together – study in detail

4 months together – study in detail

At this age, the baby’s favorite toy – himself. The baby is relentlessly trying to understand who he is, where he is, and what he feels. He likes to touch his face, feel his fingers on his nose, mouth, hair. By the age of 4 months, many babies can already put both hands together and play with each of them alternately.

An important feature of this period is the intensive development of emotions. At the sight of the mother, the baby expresses its joy not only with a smile – parents hear its laughter for the first time. The baby is becoming more sociable, so try to take it everywhere with you in the apartment. To do this, you can use a portable chaise lounge or stroller.

Now the baby explores the world around him through direct interaction with him. Let your son or daughter “help” you in household chores, is present at lunch or dinner, “participate” in conversations. The toddler no longer waits passively for someone to talk to him or smile at him. He seeks out faces on his own, then smiles, babbles and makes us smile back.

Learning to understand each other

By the fourth month, the baby is establishing contact with the people around him. The little man is ready to smile at everyone, but the happiest smiles are for parents. He responds to their attention, enjoys playing games and talking, actively gives his voice and babbles. All of these are signs of desire and readiness to communicate.

It is a mistake to think that a child does not understand the speech addressed to him. All the “necessary” information he draws in your intonation. In response to the words addressed to him, the baby begins to “hum” and smile. Sometimes it is hard to understand who – the adult or the baby – is more active. As a result, a closer connection is established between child and parents than ever before. During this period, there is a very rapid development of speech skills. The baby spends a lot of time practicing its new abilities.

By the end of the 4th month, it is easy to distinguish between vowels and consonants in the baby’s speech, among which the most common are the rough “m”, “b”, “p”. Their appearance in the active speech of the baby among the first are not accidental: because the baby sucks the mother’s breast, he already has well developed muscles of the lips, through the work of which we later enjoy the first “ma-ma-ma. Now it becomes obvious why, in different languages, the word “mother” has almost the same sound.

Although “talking” is an important stimulus in a child’s development, it is by no means the only way of communicating with the child. Both adults and children can access the language of mimicry, gestures and various actions. For example, a baby can show his reluctance to go to sleep.

It has already been said that you should not be afraid to “spoil” the baby by constantly rocking him in your arms. Do not worry about it now, but three-month-old should be helped to learn to fall asleep on their own. Show imagination and patience. To make the ritual of going to sleep pleasant and understandable to the child. When putting your baby to bed, be calm, cheerful and confident, try to talk and smile.

Motor skills of a 4-month-old baby

A 4-month-old baby is often referred to as a “grabber” – his hand skills are becoming more advanced. He begins to palpate, take, throw objects, tries to reach for a toy lying next to him. Most children in the fourth month of life are able to reach out and hit the hanger attached to the crib.

Their actions are carried out in a certain sequence: the child strikes the hanger, freezes looking at the result of his action, cries out animatedly and then resumes striking with increasing force. The child’s desire to see something new and unusual shows his or her ability to behave more consciously and purposefully.

In terms of motor skills, children of this age noticeably differ from each other. Someone may already be able to turn from your stomach to your back, while some babies are still limited in their movements. But do not hurry and try to teach your child what he has not yet grown to in his development. Stubbornly train only what the baby knows how: turn your head, pull up, lying on your stomach and leaning on your forearms, straighten legs.

See, hear, feel…

In addition to interest in one’s own hands, the baby is noticeably more interested in the objects that fall into them. Now he is able to hold an object longer and examine it closely. If the baby put a rattle in his hand, he will first look at it, and then bring it to his mouth. When you hold an object in front of your baby, he tries to grasp the object with both hands.

The infant shows the ability to anticipate events that are going to happen. For example, when he sees his mother’s breast, he immediately stops talking. Obviously, in the child’s mind, a connection is established, based on a certain stereotype. The breast he looks at is not just a visual image, but something that should be in his mouth to satisfy his hunger.

Along with becoming aware of the function of the objects around him, the baby will acquire the ability to react to their disappearance. The baby will follow the moving rattle and look intently at the place where he/she last saw it. The baby is trying to recall the trajectory of the rattle, but does not yet understand that you cannot look at it and bring it back.

At the same time, a strong link is established in the child’s mind between what he sees and what he hears. He turns his head at the sound of his mother’s voice. His attention is attracted by the ringing of a rattle, and the baby can almost completely turn around to see it. The list of favorite amusements is topped by musical toys, radio, tape recordings and even the pounding of the metronome. The baby will turn toward any source of noise.

The baby’s fists are almost completely unclenched and he begins to actively explore objects with his hands. To prolong the pleasant sensation, the baby will rub the edge of the soft blanket with his/her thumb, on which his/her palms are sliding. Now the baby is not passively enjoying himself. He is actively looking for new pleasant sensations.

Activities with a 4-month-old baby

Talk to your son or daughter at every opportunity. When telling something, change intonation, speak loudly and quietly, quickly and slowly, laughing or, conversely, calming your baby down. When it is his turn to “say” something, wait until he finishes his “phrase” and then repeat his “speech”. The more often you talk to your baby, the more he will “talk” to you. Try to call him by his name. When singing a song or reading a rhyme, replace the words “baby, baby” with the baby’s name.

A baby likes to listen to music, especially rhythmic music. Let him listen to a tune that has a clear rhythm to it. Try clapping your hands to the beat of the music or do it with wooden spoons or a tambourine. Listen to music fast and slow, loud and quiet. After a while, your child will learn to notice changes in rhythm.

Put your child’s favorite child on a cuff with a bell sewn on it, and gently shake the child’s hand to look at it and notice the bell. Then place the cuff on the other hand and shake it again, this time a little harder. This exercise will help your baby get to know his/her body parts better and develop hand-eye coordination.

To make your baby pronounce different sounds more often, sing him or her songs in which a particular sound dominates. If you don’t know these, use “Soundman,” by A. Usachev, and rearrange short verses from this book to any tune. Learn a few songs that end in an unexpected way, and sing them to your baby. After listening to the song a few times, he will know there is a surprise waiting for him at the end. One such song is the game song “We were driving along…”

Continue to introduce your baby to different types of surfaces. Make a pair of cloth gloves, using a different type of fabric for each finger. Put the gloves on your hands and let your son or daughter touch each finger.

The child’s physical development

The child now wants to use his or her physical abilities as much as possible, so he or she especially likes hitting a variety of objects with his or her hands and feet. Attach a suspension to the crib with toys that start to jingle or sway and spin after hitting them. Arrange the baby so that he can reach the toys first with his hands and then his feet.

Take the child’s hands and pull them gently toward you, so that they raise their torso, and then gently lay them back down. This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and at the same time allows you to see the world around you in a new way. To help your baby learn to crawl as quickly as possible, place him or her on your stomach on a hard surface. Stand behind him and put your hands on his feet. He will feel comfortable crawling as he pushes his legs away from your hands.

Between 3 and 4 months of age, most babies begin to roll over. At first, they tend to roll from stomach to back, then from back to side, and finally from back to stomach. Help your baby develop these new skills. Put your arm under your baby’s shoulders and gently rock him or her from side to side. When your baby is lying on his side, rock him gently and let him try to roll over on his own.

Practical Tips

We like to look while sitting: A child likes to look at the world around him from different angles. (It is easier to talk to Mommy and Daddy and watch their movements when they are seated.) Every day, sit your baby down for a while so that he can lean on something. Use a special child seat or high chair. As your child learns to balance, you can put him on the floor and cushion him.

Flat surface: Lay your baby on a hard flat surface, dress him very lightly, and let him play for a while. The clothes do not interfere with his movements, and it allows him to do gymnastics.

Learning to reach: Put your child in a child seat and hang some interesting toys on a string in front of him. He’ll want to reach over and grab them. Attach a crib or playpen with a hanging device (pendant) with toys. The baby will be especially happy if the toys make noise.

Learning to grasp: The baby is improving her grasping skills and at the same time learning to reach for toys. Keep a supply of rattles of different sizes to help him exercise. Touch the rattle first to your baby’s left and then to his right hand. Bring the toy close to your baby and let him grab it. Lift it high, then bring it close to the baby and then pull it away again. As the child learns to grasp, it improves eye-hand coordination.

Door Swing: For children of this age, it is a good idea to arrange a swing by suspending it from the door frame. A child is already strong enough to sit on the swings, but can’t get out of them yet. Your child will enjoy rocking back and forth while talking to you.


Now that your child is awake most of the day, try to make sure he has a chance to play not only with toys, but also with people. Both are important to your baby’s development.

New discoveries

Play hide and seek: Play hide and seek with your child. Try covering your eyes with your hands first, then his. Cover your head with a blanket and look out, shouting “Ow-ow-ow!” Baby is sure to enjoy both versions of the game.

Toy rolls down the slide: Build a small cardboard slide in the playpen. Show your child how a toy on wheels rolls down it. This activity is your child’s first example of cause-and-effect relationships between phenomena.

Bubble Watching: Your child still loves to watch bubbles float slowly through the air. When your child is in the walker, show him how to blow bubbles. Your baby will shriek in delight as he watches the process.

Record your baby’s voice on a tape recorder: Record your baby’s babbling and let him listen to it. Also record the voice of mom and dad and let your baby listen to it. Observe how your baby will react when he notices your voice coming from the tape recorder.

Brightly patterned sock: Now your baby is interested in exploring his body parts. Put a brightly colored sock on his foot. At first the baby will just look at his foot, but after a while he will grab it. This will be a big win for your child.

Fabric ball: Make a ball by cutting several strips of fabric, each 8 centimeters long. Tie them together and wrap another ribbon on top. The child will enjoy holding the ball in his hands and feeling the different fabric. Also, funny cloth balls with a bell inside are sold in baby stores.

Development of coordination

Tussle with your baby: It’s time to wrestle and tussle with your baby a little. Grab your baby by the waist, lift him up, toss him up, then lower him down and hold him in a standing position.

New Perspectives: Place your baby on a mat with his belly down and tuck a pillow under him. This exercise strengthens neck and arm muscles.

Little frog: Lay your child on his stomach and do the following exercises with him: bend his knees, straighten his knees and spread his legs apart, bringing his legs together. While doing the exercise, you can hum a song.

Rolled blanket: Spread a blanket on the grass and place your baby on the edge of the blanket, belly down. Grab the ends of the blanket and gently lift it to help your baby roll over from his tummy to his back. Reward him for his efforts with a kiss and a big hug.

Arms up and down: Lift your baby’s arms up and down, cross and then spread them apart. Hum a song while doing this exercise.

Toys that are hard to reach: If your child learns to move by crawling or wriggling and fidgeting, put toys where he can’t reach them. Soon your baby will realize that in order to get a toy, you must not only grab it, but also crawl to it. Don’t disappoint him. If the child cannot reach the toy within a few seconds, put it next to him.

Do exercises while singing a song: Lay the baby on his back and, while humming, make circular motions with the baby’s hands. Then raise and lower the baby’s arms. Next, take the baby’s sides and gently turn first to one side and then to the other. Continue repeating the motion, chanting the same motif, but with different words. After this, lightly press your hands on your baby’s tummy, then gently lift its legs and shake them. Continue to sing to your baby the songs you sang earlier. Remember that your baby loves both new and familiar songs.

Decision Making

Two toys: Put a toy in each child’s hand that can squeak. Rubber toys are better for this, so your baby can squeeze them easily. Observe whether he will look at a hand that makes squeaking noises. When the baby is older, he will learn to squeeze both toys at the same time.

Scarf bracelet: Attach a brightly colored silk scarf to a plastic ring and tie it around the arm of the chair. Your child will grab the ring and watch the scarf move up and down. He will soon find other ways to make the scarf move.

Ring chain: Make a chain by tying several curtain rings together. Hang it over the crib or on the back of a chair so the baby can reach it. After a while he will find that if you pull the chain, the rings will bang against each other and jingle. This will give your baby great pleasure.

Daily activities

Dressing Time/Bath Time

Double rattle: Tie two rattles together with a thin ribbon, giving them a dumbbell shape so that the distance between them is about 10 centimeters. Give your child one of the rattles in your hand. The baby will try to grab the second rattle, and it will distract him while you change his clothes.

Strengthen back and abdominal muscles: When your baby is naked on the changing table, gently run your fingernails over his belly. Observe how the muscles contract as you do so. Turn the baby over on his stomach and run your fingernails along his back. The baby will arch his back and raise his head.

Powder massage: After bathing, gently powder your baby’s body with baby powder. Talk to your baby gently during the massage. It is better to put some powder on the palms of your hands and then wipe them around the baby than to sprinkle it directly on the baby’s body. This protects the baby from inhaling the powder.

Feeding Time

Show the spoon: If your baby is starting to eat solid foods, show it to your baby before spoon-feeding.

Lip and Tongue Exercise: Drop some food on your baby’s lips. When your baby tries to lick it off, he will stick his tongue out as if he is going to make some sound.

Time to Rest

Favorite Toy: Put a stuffed doll or toy animal in your baby’s crib. Try to always put the same toy. Gradually the baby’s mind will make the connection between the doll and sleep.

Rock in a rocking chair: Rock in a rocking chair with your child. It will be a wonderful rest for you and your baby.

Lullaby: Babies love the soothing rhythm of lullabies. Sing the same song to your baby after a feed and at bedtime. The baby will get used to the lullaby and it will become a kind of pleasant bedtime ritual.

4 months together – study in detail

Congratulations on our day, I’ll send you a text message. And I’ll whisper in your ear: How much I love you!

There’s no fear of bad weather, No fear of being apart. In every season of the year We’re in full bloom!

It’s our anniversary today. I wish we could meet soon! And from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you, in love!

Four months of love The beautiful things in life give us… We’ve enjoyed them to the full, We’ve loved, kissed passionately. We met late in the evening, Our feelings were in flames, We had fun, we sang songs, We felt so good together. ¶ We’re so fond of each other, We’ve never been apart ¶ Four months of hope, Desire, inspiration, faith, And now it’s our anniversary, Let’s celebrate, my love…

For four months I’ve been thinking of you. My world shines with bright happiness, All my dreams come true!

Today we’re celebrating Our little anniversary. Every minute I fall in love with you More and more!

When fate has decided to bring us together I reckon we’re so lucky, True love is what we’ve found!

For 4 months of our beautiful relations, The best time I’ve had, Happy moments are waiting for us, How well it all began!

Not so much, but not little, Four months together. How quickly the time has passed, How firmly in my heart you are!

Let’s have fun Celebrating this mini-anniversary. To make our feelings not grow cold, To make our love stronger with every day!

Block: 1/5 | Number of characters: 1460 Source: https://fishka2.ru/krasivye-i-prikolnye-pozdravleniya-na-4-mesyatsa-otnoshenij-parnyu-devushke-lyubimoj-lyubimomu/

Verses for 4 months of relationship

Guess what holiday today, And who I met, 120 days ago. Cupid, the love vagabond, Our souls were together, And I was glad.

And you know, up to now I am happy, That you have managed to become my destiny. It’s our anniversary, I’m In a hurry to congratulate you On it.

With you it’s as easy as two times two! It’s four. One week of magic, Love grows wider and wider.

We’ve been with you For four months, we’ve been living soul to soul, So let there’s never any hardship To spoil our happiness.

Let the wine in our souls’ glasses Boil like young blood. To cement love in the midst of gloomy circumstances, A melody to play!

Four months, as if it were not enough time, And I leafing through the past, I am lost: How could I live without you? The answer is hard to find…

Oh, what happened between us, Who would tell me – tsunami, storm, hurricane, tornado, That’s the degree of our love!

Life has recently changed, Everything before that is inglorious. But when I got to know you, I knew that now I’m lost.

No, I’m not lost, I’ve found you and cheered you up. It’s only been four months Since we’ve been together.

And now we are the same age as those months of love. We’ll carry our feelings through the years And we’ll be happy together.

Today’s a glorious date, Today’s our anniversary together, With you from dawn to dusk, My love makes me warmer.

When the stars and the moon Are so bright, When the grass is green, I’ll give you a bouquet of flowers, Make your love so strong.

Block: 3/8 | Character count: 1395 Source: https://fani-khani.ru/krasivye-i-prikolnye-pozdravleniya-na-4-mesyatsa-otnoshenij-parnyu-devushke-lyubimoj-lyubimomu/

Congratulations on 4 months of relationship

If you are in a relationship of four months, You are perfect, I bet, And between you reigns a feeling, What is called love.

And on your anniversary I wish you, Tolerance, understanding, kindness, And may you have, In the future, A big, strong family.

I wish you, that your passion Never fade away, I wish your couple amaze all, I wish you live in harmony, I wish you meet no obstacles.

Today is a small anniversary, It’s like a sweet raspberry. A special term of four months, We have learned a good lesson.

These days are so beautiful and sweet, Time flies for us without a glance. It’s our anniversary, Life will give us many happy moments.

Today is the anniversary of your couple, Congratulations to you two, You have been together for 4 months, I’d like to wish you all the harmony and kindness.

Let your union last forever, You have been blessed by God, I wish you love, pure and sincere, To never part with each other!

All the same tenderness and loveliness with you, So sweet you look for the fourth month, Let the awe and history go, And let the world around you be a wonderful age!

You’ll carry this fairy tale through time, And little angels will guard your world, And happiness a little universe will be, So inaccessible to evil, like that hot Mirage!

I like your smile, And the tenderness of your graceful hands, So sweet, like a chocolate bar, Your kiss, short, passionate.

You opened my happiness in life, You gave me love, gave me faith, With you I felt that thought, Material and priceless.

I’ll always be happy, I’ll always be free, With all my heart I’ll give you, And my gratitude, stronger every year.

Block: 4/5 | Character count: 1707 Source: https://fishka2.ru/krasivye-i-prikolnye-pozdravleniya-na-4-mesyatsa-otnoshenij-parnyu-devushke-lyubimoj-lyubimomu/

With you it’s easy as two times two!

With you it’s easy as two times two! It’s four. One week of magic, Love grows bigger and bigger.

I’ve been with you for four months, Never let adversity spoil our happiness.

Let wine boil in our souls’ glasses Like young blood. Let’s seal our love In the midst of gloomy circumstances A melody to play!

Four sweet months we meet

Four sweet months I’ve been with you, What could be better in life, my love, tell me. With you it’s wonderful, with you it’s ravishing, And there’s no better couple in the world, look no further.

Congratulations to the girl, the guy on the anniversary of the relationship

Four months flew by so quickly, And how much happiness they brought us! We’ve been through so much, But we’ve found each other after all!

My love for you is pure and flawless, I love you to the tips of my eyelashes! You’re the sun that’ll shine to me Forever, Without boundaries or borders!

We’ve only just met, Four months have passed since we made our declaration of love to each other. And we’ve been good to each other ever since.

It’s good that we met, It’s good that fate has brought us together. My life (I won’t hide it from you) Has never been so happy.

We’ve been together for four months! So little and so much. I guess there’s no poetry to describe How much we love each other.

Four months of paradise, We’ve spent together! One thing I do know, We’re the happiest of all!

You give me a lot of emotion, With you I’m never bored! Thank you for being there, sunshine! We’re inseparable

For four months we’ve been a couple, Today’s date is only for us, I can’t take my eyes off you, Breathing and admiring you.

Let our relations be strong, Let our feelings only grow, Let every day bring us inspiration And understanding.

Let our meetings be merry, Let our heart reverently beat, Let our twirling day and evening beckon, Let our souls soar with happiness.

It’s been four months since we’ve been together, I’ll thank fate & laquo;” – For helping us meet.

For four months I’ve made us love each other, I’ve opened the door to my heart with tenderness.

I wish I could make love Conducted by life, And for two, our destiny was One.

Block: 7/8 | characters: 1524 Source: https://fani-khani.ru/krasivye-i-prikolnye-pozdravleniya-na-4-mesyatsa-otnoshenij-parnyu-devushke-lyubimoj-lyubimomu/

Four months is the beginning

Four months is the Beginning of our Road to “Forever”. And let the minutes, months, years Flicker in our life.

For the main thing for us is not to part, And to be happy always. Four months will last, Fusing into long years.

Touching poems to the guy with four months together

My beloved man, We’ve made it through the race! Four months of relationship, Love, happiness of reconciliation.

With all my heart I congratulate you, I can’t imagine my days without you. With you I’ll keep my smile, With you I’ll get through it all.

I congratulate us with 4 months of relationship and wish us a lot of love, mutual understanding, pleasant surprises from each other, only cheerful and joyful emotions, only sincere and tender feelings, and also a wind of luck and happiness from all four sides of the world!

Not long ago we celebrated a whole month, And now it’s already four… With you every moment is wonderful now! I never felt so good before!

There are two hearts in this world, For four months they’ve been fighting together. Repeating each other’s beat, Their love goes round and round.

Magic reigns in the soul, Butterflies swirl in rebellion. Congratulations on our anniversary. To love till eternity I promise.

Our relations are only four months old But they are the happiest for me, And how many interesting, Beautiful, beautiful things lie ahead For us, that we have not known yet.

Let our tale be the strangest and most Wonderful, With no place for hardship, parting and sadness, Let our road of life be always common, And you and I, having passed it, Let each other not let go.

For four months we’ve been together In body and soul, And we’ve been going through life together, And we’ve been so well together.

We’ve got the greatest love, It’s all sunshine, I want us to love each other for many, many years.

Four months we’ve been sharing happiness, We’re two equal halves! I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love!

You give me beautiful moments, They are precious and so inimitable! I’ve been living with you, Life is a delight, We love each other so much!

Four months is such an anniversary, Though it’s only a little, But you’re my other half, And here, in my hand is your hand!

I know that our love is forever, It’s in our souls, it’s in our blood! To find myself in the man I love, That’s the ultimate reward for love!

Four months of passion, Four months of happiness. I heartily congratulate you, Fourth anniversary I declare.

Thank you for caring, I don’t doubt you one bit. I’ll wrap warmth to the relationship, Accept my congratulations.

With loved ones, don’t ever part, Even if our time is very short, Months are followed by years, The fourth month is not the final.

♪ It’s a stone’s throw from half a year away ♪ ♪ We’ll keep the love easy ♪ Four months I’m by your side – Months are always followed by years!

Block: 8/8 | Character count: 2489 Source: https://fani-khani.ru/krasivye-i-prikolnye-pozdravleniya-na-4-mesyatsa-otnoshenij-parnyu-devushke-lyubimoj-lyubimomu/

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