10 ways to please a guy: set out in detail

How to make a man fall in love with you: 10 ways that work without fail

Many girls and women of our time are lonely. This is due to many circumstances. Someone is building a career, someone makes exaggerated demands to the man, some of this situation is due to wrong upbringing and much more. The reasons are many. For example, a relatively new trend in psychology – neurolinguistic programming – at the subconscious level identifies the causes of loneliness and conducts a deep work on the mistakes, after which the person radically changes views on life, and he starts everything from scratch. “Transurfing reality”, authored by the writer Vadim Zeland, teaches how to choose the right lines of life, which in the human unconscious is a huge number. Other innovative psychotechnology teaches how to achieve the desired by self-improvement and manipulation. Still, how to make a man fall in love with you?

In this article, materials from various techniques are collected. The 10 methods that are described below, work without fail and bring 100% results. And all the tips and recommendations should be performed at the same time. No man will ever guess that he was the object of skillful manipulation of a woman, if you do it correctly. And so, consider 10 ways to make a man fall in love with you.

Way number 1. make a man think about himself

A woman must realize that if she will always be at the sight, to respond to every word men and literally look into his mouth, she will quickly become uninterested. We must remember that a man is an earner, he wants to look for his beloved, not to see her or hear every half hour. If he calls, you don’t have to pick up the phone. You can call back an hour after his last call or answer on the third call.

The same applies to text messages. In general, there is no need to answer them. It is also better to call back after one hour. Do not accustom the man to the messages, this will clarify the relationship in the future by looking into each other’s eyes and not in writing. Also do not let the man know that you are always available and want to talk to him, because in the future if you suddenly do not pick up the phone for any reason, this can lead to an argument.

Way number 2. you have to let a man know that he is not the only one who needs you.

This means that the woman should call someone during the dates – a friend, a colleague, an unknown number. And be sure to give an explanation for each call: “The director called to find out where there is a folder with the reports …”. And if the car “discovered” a bouquet of flowers on the roof, the woman must honestly “do not know” where he came from. You have to explain to the man that you probably got mixed up. You should always look crystal clear in the eyes of your partner, it helps to make a man fall in love with you.

Method #3. Make something happen to you

It is necessary to find the strength to disrupt dates. Not often, but periodically. Create such an environment that he worries, doubts whether the date will take place. Let the time before last you had a flat tire, and today her husband left her friend and you need to support her urgently. Create a situation of tension. On dates negotiate not precisely. You can use the phrases: “probably …”, “if I can …”, “I’ll try very hard …”.

Method # 4. Know how to use your body

Never start a sexual relationship on the first date! You have to use a different method. A woman’s pupils increase during intercourse. It is vital to create the same effect on the first date. Draw a picture in your imagination from your own life or from a porn movie. You have to make yourself aroused, then the pupils dilate, and the body begins to emit pheromones that instantly catch the subconscious of the man. He is already in your network, so it is important to keep yourself in control at the first meeting. And in general, delay this moment as long as possible. This behavior gives you a better chance of making a man fall in love with you.

Method #5. You have to fantasize a little bit.

Everyone loves money. Men and women alike. That’s a fact. Not to take advantage of this circumstance is impossible. Come up with necessarily nonexistent story of a rich father, uncle, brother. Let them have a mini-factory for the manufacture of some parts. And the mother must be “attached” at least the chief accountant or chief financial officer. Everyone is greedy for money, no matter what they think. And as said Irina Muravyova in the famous movie “Moscow does not believe in tears”: “Well, when all is revealed – it’s too late! He is used to me, adores children, and will ask for forgiveness.

Method #6. You need to have someone who is against your relationship.

This is a prerequisite. “Create” an influential member of your family, tell your loved one that this person is an indisputable authority for you. Just how he is against the relationship. Think together about what to do. Maybe a secret date, or maybe even break up. Give the opportunity to decide this curiosity man.

Method #7. Always listen to what a man says

80% of your dialogue should be devoted to him. Praise, compliment. Only it must look natural and sincere, so he unwittingly did not suspect anything about that you want to settle firmly in his heart, mind and home. However, to make a man fall in love with you, you need to do it in moderation and do not overpraise too much.

Method #8. Find common interests

It has long been known that people who have common interests are more likely to fall in love with each other. Conversely, if there are no common interests even communicate difficult. To enroll in a man, show that you have a lot in common, you are interested in the same topics. Of course, it is unlikely that the woman will be interested in repairing the car engine, completely the same interests can not. But common themes for the conversation need to find as much as possible.

Method #9. Do not hide your shortcomings

There is no need to carefully conceal all your shortcomings. Firstly, there is no perfect people, and secondly, when they are revealed, and it is bound to happen, a man can be very disappointed in you.

Of course, do not immediately expose a man all their shortcomings, they can be disclosed gradually. A woman should be real, a man should understand that this is a real person, otherwise he will not believe you.

Method #10. Show that you have a great life without him

You can’t show a man that you can’t live without him. Only men who are unsure of themselves would like that. A young man must understand that you will be fine without him and be afraid of losing you. But do not go overboard. It’s worth combining advice number 2 with a general self-confidence.

These are 10 ways that work without fail, if you apply them correctly. As already mentioned, to get a man to like you and to make him fall in love with you, combine all 10 techniques.

10 ways to get a guy to like you

Many girls are interested in the question, “How does a guy like me?” and I am no exception. Let’s try to figure this out together. After consulting with friends, and making conclusions from my own experience, I propose 10 ways to get a guy to like me.

How to get a guy to like you: 10 ways to

Look good (don’t confuse it with provocative). Try to look at yourself from the outside. Each of us is beautiful and attractive in our own way. Just some, to please the guy wear a mini skirt, cleavage to the waist and makeup in the style of war paint Papuans. There are, of course, brave boys who like it, but most give preference to natural beauty.

Even if you’re wearing makeup, your makeup should be almost invisible. If you do not know how to do it, then read my post “How to make a natural makeup: step by step instructions” (there are detailed instructions).

2. The naturalness of behavior. Do not try to impose themselves on a boy who you want to like. This looks and from the girls ugly and many boys do not like it. And the attitude towards you will be corresponding.

Trying to impose yourself on a guy, do not even think about the respect on his part. Remember, guys by nature – the hunters, it’s in their blood. So they must “win their prey” (that is, you).

Common interests. Ask him what music he listens to, what he does, what movies he watches, etc. If you find a common interest (and he will be found), try to have an opinion on it. This will bring you closer to him and you will become interesting for him, and this is a huge + :).

4. Girl-enigma. Never fully reveal all of yourself, leave a little mystery. You can learn how to learn this from the article “How to be mysterious”.

Believe me, if he is interested in you, he will definitely be interested in you. This means that you have made an impression on him.

5. Be yourself . Do not praise yourself: what you are smart, beautiful, etc. Believe me, if you tell the truth, the impression will remain with him much better than you would have lied. Be sincere – you don’t have to pretend something that doesn’t exist. After all, you want him to like you, not an image you made up.

6. Smile. A natural, beautiful smile can work wonders. Try it and you are sure to succeed. After all, you do not like a frowning and moody guy, too?

7. Be different . Guys are bored monotony. You can play a little: today you are romantic, tomorrow – active, the day after tomorrow – dreamy, etc. Just don’t pretend (see p.5). Just periodically emphasize certain traits of your character.

8. Develop . You should be able to surprise him (of course, pleasantly), to maintain a conversation, to tell something interesting. So read books, newspapers, magazines, interesting articles on the Internet.

9. Listen carefully . Guys love to be listened to (and we girls love it just as much :)). Let him say whatever he has to say. That way you’ll be even better in his eyes and you’ll learn a lot about him.

10. Praise him . We all love ourselves (just in different ways). Tell him often how handsome, smart, caring, funny, etc. he is. After all, he really is! That’s why you like him (For details on how to compliment the guy, read my article “How to praise the guy correctly”).

These are the ways to like a guy I identified. And what do you try to use to get a guy to like you? Share your method of how a boy likes you in the comments.

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Hi all!!! He and I met 2 weeks ago, but he told me that he has known about me for a year. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said no. I feel like he’s not interested in me anymore. I’ve introduced myself as a fool like proud and now he……. I’m a real fool. Help me share advice.

!Dear Julia, you love him now, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, but do not forget you come into this world only once so enjoy life . You show him that you are smart, modest, neat. I know you will find the best!

Hi all. I want to share my story. I’m 14 years old, 15 in six months, but not the point. At the beginning of the school year (that is autumn 2016) I met with one boy, it happened quite by chance, he took the initiative himself, I was just walking down the corridor of the school and he himself ran up and started to talk to me, to be honest I do not remember what questions were, but he was interested in me. So we crossed paths at school very often, well, you could say that he was coming on to me, just directly. On December 27, 2016, we finally met, learned each other’s names, and generally very much about each other. We, shall we say, once again were introduced by my classmate, she is his sister. At that time I did not care about him, no feelings arose. By the way, he is younger than me. Very often it happened that he hugged me, he said some nice words to me. Just recently it all stopped. And at some point I liked him. Yeah, it’s a terrible feeling, now he somehow does not pay attention to me at all, and I try to get in his face often. Now I don’t know what to do.

Honey do not oblige forget you know not only men in the blood hunter, many girls have it too, as soon as he stopped paying attention to you you immediately fell in love, note to have love and love are two different things, forget not impose themselves on the guy, show him what he lost, I think a lot of guys surround such a pretty girl ;)))

It’s been a year I like my classmate, but I can’t even talk to him, I’m ashamed, I’m afraid. How do I overcome my fear?

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