10 Signs of a Cheating Wife

10 signs that your wife is cheating on you

Couples when they live together unequivocally believe that their mate is faithful. One in practice, this is not always the case. Left-handed cheating, occurs in both one and the other sex. The material in this article is designed for men, here are 10 signs by which you can guess that your wife is cheating.

Let’s say right away that casual (one-time) adultery you probably never find out, or rather do not notice. Unless accidentally, in a fit of rage, she herself will not tell you. You are not always within a meter from each other (business trips, trips to parents, work, parties). And loving people build a relationship on trust.

All signs of adultery, which we are now going to talk about are circumstantial and not definitive proof of adultery. Only an examination (of her panties) and a polygraph (lie detector) test can really prove it. Separately, all of these signs can be caused by absolutely everyday problems (fatigue, illness, bad mood, family problems). You just need to keep your eyes open and pay attention to the “little things”.

10 signs that your wife is cheating on you with another

  1. Wife suddenly closes access to her gadgets. She carries only her phone, she changes the password on social networks, she immediately deletes the browsing history in the browser. That is, you are really cut off from her circle of acquaintances, from the topics of communication on the Internet, from the pages of interest to her.
  2. She suddenly got into her appearance, signed up for fitness. Maybe it’s for you, but hence the third point.
  3. Wife no longer pay attention to you, she is not interested in why you stay late after work, do not care that you go to friends often. If before she used to “nag you for this”, but now she does not even notice. You get the feeling that you live in a dormitory – where your life is of no interest to anyone.
  4. Your wife suddenly became interested in old and new friends, she stopped saying where she was going and when she would be back. She dyes in front of the mirror for two hours, as if she were going to the theater.
  5. Returning from a company (to which you are never invited), she behaves as if she only came back to spend the night and wash her underwear. You feel like an appendage to the cold and hot water meter or a utility bill purse.
  6. She ceases to respect you as the head of the family – either a complete ignoring, or mockery of your abilities (the hands do not grow from there, turn on your brain, open your eyes, strain your brain, etc.)
  7. Often does not answer the phone (battery died, was out of the area, forgot her phone at home, went in transport, did not hear the call). Her job comes first (ready to sit there 24 hours a day) – although she didn’t bring more money into the house.
  8. She stopped allowing you to body (get off, headache, don’t feel like it, don’t deserve it, work with your fist, take someone off, etc.).
  9. She doesn’t argue or prove anything, she agrees indifferently on everything – as if she doesn’t care and you are strangers.
  10. Increasingly thoughtful face (probably decides how to leave, but at the same time leave a loophole for a return). More and more often he is looking at you from afar and evaluating you (comparing you with your lover – his strengths and your weaknesses). That is, he is evaluating you as a cabbage head – which one has more leaves, fresher, whiter.

Indirect signs of adultery wife

  • Phone at home, either on vibrate mode, or turned off;
  • Destruction of evidence of the additional expenditure of finances;
  • on ordinary activities, for example like going to the store, a lot of time is spent;
  • frequent washing of the car, especially the interior;
  • car seat, not adjusted properly;
  • a strong smell of perfume after work, walks;
  • irritation or lack of a logical explanation of the reason for delay or lateness;
  • after coming in, the wife rushes to shower and does not allow bodily contact;
  • talking to friends, suggesting that they know somewhat more about your family life than you do;
  • Finding dirty laundry, towels, and other things in unusual places;

So should you sound the alarm if your wife is cheating on you?

Cheating comes in many forms-physical and emotional. On the physical plane they can be caused by: coincidence, harassment of the boss, alcohol, etc. But emotional infidelity is not a “bell”, but a whole “bell”. After that, as a rule, comes the breakup of the relationship.

Some couples live an open marriage and allow “adventures” on the side, but it is only physical contact that does not destroy the family itself At the emotional level – they will never leave their other half.

Cheating wife to husband: more than 15 changes in the relationship and her behavior

“The only thing I fear more than cheating is not finding out about cheating. It is terrible to love a man who no longer deserves it,” said Vladimir Vysotsky.

There are hard times in every relationship. But sometimes cheating on your wife to her husband can happen in a perfectly prosperous family. Knowing the basic habits of your beloved man, showing a little observation, you can bring him out into the open.

How to recognize betrayal: on the appearance of insanity

A figurative external comparison of a cheating and faithful wife

The behavior of a wife who regularly cheats on her husband changes, especially if the infidelity is permanent in nature.

It is enough to be observant and you can see changes that have nothing to do with the husband. The important point is consistency. If the spouse’s behavior was unusual only once, there is probably nothing wrong with it.

The first signs by which you can determine that infidelity has occurred:

  1. The appearance of unexplained smells. For example, the scent of a man’s perfume.
  2. She is more attentive to her body. Sugaring, depilation have become her constant companions.
  3. Facial irritation and inflammation. Touching a lover’s bristles on delicate skin can leave its consequences.
  4. The spouse begins to take more care of herself. For example, if before she allowed herself to go out to the store without makeup, now it does not happen.

First of all, you can determine treason by the way the lady of the heart began to follow her appearance.

How to determine the physiology: the signs are very strict.

There is a strange opinion that there is no such thing as feminine treason. There is either revenge for the fact that the man is not around at the right time, or an “answer” to male treason, or new love. In either case, the physiological signs make themselves felt:

  1. The lover’s name. A lady may pronounce it not only during intimacy, but also while doing household chores or while sleeping.
  2. She becomes completely indifferent to her husband’s caresses.
  3. After the meeting, the spouse may come home with a wrinkled dress and disheveled hair.
  4. The lady’s body may show signs of passion such as bruises or hickeys. This may indicate the presence of a rival. Sexual games often leave marks on a woman’s body.
  5. Sometimes even the most imperceptible changes in behavior indicate the presence of a lover. Does not pay attention to kisses and compliments or reacts negatively. Spends less time tidying up the house, tries to leave as quickly as possible for a meeting.

The girl begins to compare in her mind her lover and her husband. Often it is the spouse who loses. The lover seems more intelligent, handsome, sexy. He is a better partner in love, comforting her much more often. The comparison always indicates the presence of a rival.

Phone as physical evidence of spouse bullying

One should not undeservedly accuse a person if there is no evidence. You should not confuse an attack of jealousy with the real fact, to believe all kinds of gossip that may come from family or friends.

The phone in today’s world has become a very important companion for everyone. All phone conversations, messages remain in the memory of the phone.

Of course, this may be her usual reaction, but for some people this behavior is quite different from the usual. Increased monitoring may be when a message is due, or she is wary of her spouse seeing an unexpected call.

You can try to track her calls in two ways:

  1. Review the call log while the wife is asleep or away somewhere.
  2. Ask the service provider to print out the calls that were made from her phone number.

It’s easy to trace a lover through the phone, but you shouldn’t solve the problem with him with your fists.

The intimate details of the “leftist” boyfriend

Determine the presence of another man in the wife can be determined by the underwear. For example, she began to buy more often and more beautiful lace lingerie. She began to put it on not in the evening before a meeting with her husband, but before work or going with friends to a cafe.

It may also raise suspicion that the underwear she wore only for special evenings with her husband began to be worn on other days as well.

Check the wife for repeated adultery can be on the following basic signs:

  1. The woman buys beautiful lingerie, began to walk around in sexy stockings, but does not try to please her husband with this. You should not make excuses for this.
  2. Torn underwear. Even underwear can be suspected of infidelity. If the wife came home happy, and the panties (or bra and other clothes) are torn, it may have happened in an outburst of passion, which has nothing to do with the husband.
  3. The first thing a woman does after coming home is rush to the bathroom. This may be due to the fact that she is trying to eliminate the smell or disguise the traces of the crime. By the way, men claim that the smell of sex is special and can not be confused with any other fragrance. Ask to go into the bathroom after her. Pay attention to the marks on the body. If your spouse won’t let her husband in, she’s probably hiding something.
  4. You can suggest that your wife have sex right after she gets home. It is unlikely that the lady will want to have sex with her husband after meeting with the man she loves and desires.
  5. Changes in sex. The spouse may become much more closed, refusing intimacy. Or vice versa, feeling remorse, will try to fulfill all the desires of her husband.
  6. Lack of kissing. Often a woman may not refuse to have sex, but there is much less or no kissing.

Even by her period you can tell if a woman is cheating.

Very often menstruation is the reason for refusing intimacy. But sometimes ladies take advantage of this excuse and publicize the problem. It is clear that a woman cannot have them several times a month.

Scientists have repeatedly conducted studies to determine the relationship between a woman’s sexual desire and her menstrual cycle. It turns out that this is largely influenced by hormonal changes in the body. There are 4 main reasons:

  1. Temperament. Much of the sexual interest depends on the woman’s temperament. But it may differ depending on the menstrual cycle.
  2. Hormonal changes. During ovulation, a woman’s libido increases. Especially often this happens in women after childbirth.
  3. Emotions. Women are very dependent on emotional attachment. A lady can refuse intimacy both because of a lack of interest in her husband, and when her interest in her lover increases.
  4. Menstruation. Every body is different. Some women’s interest increases immediately after the cessation of menstruation and 16 days after ovulation.

If a wife refuses to have sex for a month, this is a reason to think that she has a lover.

Abortion from a lover, discord in the family of the perpetrator

Abortion refers to a surgical procedure. The consequences of such a step can be varied. Some women have an operation and can never have children, while others, on the contrary, more than once come to the gynecologist with this issue. Not excluded are the diseases that a woman pays for such an act. They can be psychological as well as physical. By some folk and medical signs you can know with certainty or suspect that the wife secretly had an abortion because the child was from a lover.

There are several types of abortion. Early medical abortion is performed: the doctor prescribes the use of drugs that can cause a premature termination of pregnancy. After a while, no doctor will be able to determine whether this type of abortion is present during an exam. The only thing that can indicate this fact – the presence of an entry in the card and only if the woman does not get a new medical record or simply do not eliminate the pages.

The most dangerous are the consequences of mechanical interference. There can be damage to the uterus. After vacuum abortion, negative manifestations are hormonal malfunctions. A woman has menstrual cycle malfunctions.

The husband can find out about the abortion if he goes to the doctor where his wife is being examined. Also, any doctor can determine after examination whether a surgical procedure has been performed. But no specialist can accurately determine the time frame when it occurred.

Is long-distance love possible or is it there to go on secret dates

Work in another city or country, travel; relatives who live far away – all this can be a reason for separation between two lovers. Checking your wife for fidelity is complicated because of this, but it is also possible.

Signs by which you can identify cheating wives from a distance:

  1. For women, the emotional connection is very important. It is necessary to pay attention to how often the spouse calls, talks about her life or tries to end the conversation as quickly as possible.
  2. Some women feel remorse because of their betrayal. In that case, they try to make amends with gifts or try to satisfy their spouse after their return, which is strange if it has never happened before.
  3. The time of fast technology helps loving people to communicate regardless of the distance. For example, with Skype you can communicate at any time of the day or night, as well as call unexpectedly to make sure a woman’s fidelity.
  4. After a long-distance affair, the wife may come back disappointed and vent her anger on her husband. This can happen because she doesn’t want to be separated from the man she loves and she doesn’t feel comfortable coming back to the family again.

This is how a girl who cheats from a distance behaves.

How else can you check the faithfulness of the other half

You can guess about a hidden cheating girlfriend by other “symptoms”:

  1. Lack of joint plans. When people love each other they try as much as possible to be together and plan something. Talk and determine how she sees the future.
  2. Does the companion share her secrets. If she became much less likely to tell what’s going on in her life – that’s cause for reflection.
  3. She has started to have new expensive gifts. Perfume, cosmetics, lingerie, jewelry – these could all be gifts from a new lover.
  4. The wife started coming in much later from work. She has had urgent matters to attend to. She justifies her absence by the fact that there are a large number of problems at work or a friend urgently needs support.
  5. Inattention. She is inattentive to what her husband tells her. She no longer cares about what is going on in her spouse’s life.
  6. The wife no longer shares problems. She has begun to take care of all the issues on her own.
  7. Guests began to appear in the house frequently, because the lady does not want to be often alone with her spouse.

To summarize – is there cause for alarm

Verify the presence of a rival can be made after an honest answer to the following questions of the short test “Does my wife cheat on me”:

  1. Has your relationship to you become much colder lately?
  2. Does your significant other rejoice when you leave home for a few days?
  3. Does your spouse often stay late at work?
  4. Do you vacation together or separately?
  5. Does she share her problems with you as she used to?

If more of the answers are positive, you need to have a serious conversation with your spouse. All the more worth tuning in to the conversation if about 10 or more signs of female infidelity are identified.

Some clinics conduct special tests to detect semen or vaginal discharge on clothing. You can learn more about this in the video:

Cheaters – young girls or ladies of balzac age

A woman can fall in love at any age. It depends on the person and the circumstances, but not on age.

If a girl marries not for love, over time she begins to look for those feelings on the side. If feelings fade over time because of understatement, undeserved resentment and disappointment, then the appearance of a rival is only a matter of time.

There is a crisis of “middle age. It concerns not only men, but also women. She again wants to be beautiful, desired and loved.

Therefore, signs of infidelity in women and at age 40 can be detected in the following ways.

How to catch her off guard.

Suspicions alone is not enough. There should be facts of treason. Ulitch wife in treason and not give her a chance to justify themselves can be done in the following ways:

  1. Return unexpectedly from a business trip.
  2. Find direct evidence. For example, it can be correspondence on the phone or in social networks.
  3. On the phone, you can set the geodata transfer. That way, you can monitor her location.
  4. Catch her talking on the phone. For example, a wife may wake up at night to talk to her lover.

Why is the chosen one getting another one?

You don’t have to think that all wives cheat. But if this has happened, it is worth reflecting on the reasons.

Nothing just happens. There are different reasons for cheating:

  1. A desire for novelty.
  2. Difficult financial situation.
  3. Revenge. Retaliation after an adulterous husband.
  4. Examples among relatives, friends or parents.
  5. Consequences of alcohol intoxication. In most cases, adultery occurs after holidays, feasts.
  6. Lack of attention from the husband. Some women so dream to be given flowers again, wooed and complimented, that they even go for treason.

In the eyes of psychologists, to whom some husbands come with the words “I suspect my spouse of cheating”, women’s infidelity is a search for emotional closeness, warmth, support, but not a new sexual relationship as opposed to a spouse.

Statistically, women exhibit infidelity far less frequently than men. But in terms of how they cheat, there is practically no difference, because they do it just as passionately. The problem is that wives leave their families for lovers more often than men.

If the wife admitted to the adultery, it is best to talk quietly to understand the reason and how to proceed. Of course, how to behave after the disclosure of his wife, whether she admits to infidelity or not – everyone decides for himself, but you should not stoop to physical or emotional violence.

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