10 rules for talking to a girl – explaining the question

10 rules on how to talk to a girl the right way

Want to know how to talk to a girl properly to please her? Here are 10 basic rules+5 topics to avoid when talking to her.

It is not for nothing that psychologists say that women love with their ears.

And it’s not just a skill of guys to say florid compliments (although it’s a very useful skill), but also to be an interesting conversationalist.

How to talk to a girl to get her interested in you, to get her to like you, to build a strong couple with her?

We, girls, it seems that the answer to this question is very simple and we can not understand why guys are so mercilessly stupid on dates and during dating, why they can not pick up the appropriate topics of conversation, or why they talk all the time or passively.

But as it turned out, men have a completely different view of this problem, considering it almost insoluble.

Yes, the problem is solvable!

Especially if you try a little harder.

“Teach me how to talk to a girl like you!”

Before I found happiness in my personal life, I, of course, went on dates with different guys.

Sometimes they were successful, sometimes they were average lousy, and sometimes they were just a failure.

One day I went for a walk in the park with a cute guy named Misha.

He studied at the same university as me, only at a different department, played on the university KVN team, led a fairly active social life, liked girls.

I was even flattered when he asked me out, because I didn’t know what was waiting for me there.

Everything started well: Misha met me with a nice miniature bouquet of flowers and suggested a walk in the park (it was just the time of golden autumn).

I was glad, thinking that we could talk and get to know each other better during the walk.

I was sure that a guy like Misha knew exactly how to talk to girls.

Well, what can I say: I managed to fit only three short sentences into Misha’s flow of words during the two-hour walk.

He went on and on about nothing and everything.

By the end of this miserable date, I had a headache.

Of course, I didn’t want to see Misha again, and he was terribly surprised, and continued to insist on seeing me.

When he bored me with his calls, I told him straight out that he was a lousy conversationalist and that I was frankly bored with him.

Misha was surprised and said sarcastically: “Well, then teach me how to talk properly to a girl like you.”

Understandably, I didn’t teach anyone.

Misha was offended, but finally got off.

How to talk to a girl correctly: 10 basic rules

As I was preparing to write this article, I remembered about Misha.

Here, if I had met him now, I would advise him to read the basic rules of how to talk to a girl correctly:

    A conversation is a dialogue between two people, not an endless stream of one person’s verbal diarrhea.

Praise yourself less.

Do not remain silent, shifting the burden of the conversation on the girl’s shoulders.

Pick positive topics of conversation.

Talking properly with a girl means avoiding forbidden topics

If people have been dating or living together for a long time, they may not have any forbidden topics of conversation.

If you want to talk properly with a girl you met not so long ago, you shouldn’t bring up topics:

  1. Religion.
  2. Sex.
  3. Intimate issues (for example, it’s not desirable to ask a girl how regular her monthly cycle is, or what pads she uses).
  4. Childhood resentments and complexes – you’re not a psychologist to bring up these topics.
  5. Men’s hobbies (cars, fishing, machinery) – of course, you may find a lady who loves to talk about these things, but the chances are slim.

In addition to the standard forbidden topics can be individual.

Listen carefully to your interlocutor.

If a question she answers you: “I would not like to talk about this subject,” do not insist on your own.

Wait a while and you’ll find out why she was forbidden to talk about school or club.

How to talk to a girl you want to meet?

When you date a girl for a long time, there is no question of how to talk to her properly.

You already have a lot of common themes, you’ve already rubbed off on each other.

Guys usually have a hard time with girls they don’t know and have yet to meet.

Suppose you saw a beautiful girl and decided to ask her out.

How do you talk to her correctly to avoid rejection?

There are a few simple rules:

  1. Approach and say, “Hello” or “Hello”.
  2. Be sure to smile.
  3. Say a compliment, such as: “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist, I just have to tell you how beautiful you are.”

If you are encouraged (smiled back, thanked for the compliment), then move on to introducing yourself.

From the video below you will learn how to learn how to flirt with a girl:

How to properly talk to a girl on a first date?

Naturally, the hardest part is the first date, when you don’t yet know what to talk to a girl about, what she will be interested in and what she will not.

If you want to do everything right, then stick to the following rules:

  1. Tell a little about yourself: your age, family, profession, place of work/study, hobbies.
  2. Encourage the girl to tell the same information about herself.
  3. Find topics that bring you closer together, such as a love of books, a passion for movies, a healthy lifestyle, etc.
  4. Questions that work well are: “Is your favorite movie / band / song / book / show / singer / color / dish, etc.?”
  5. If you need to fill a pause, you can tell about:
    • A funny incident from your life (don’t if it makes you look negative);
    • Best friends;
    • travels.

It’s important not to drag out the first date.

If you had a good time together, talking to the girl was easy and interesting, but you see that she started looking at her watch, it’s time to call it a day.

Thank her for the wonderful evening and invite her to your next date.

Here are the basic rules, knowing which will help you not to worry about how to talk to the girl.

The psychology of communication with girls – the basic rules of conversation

Many guys have problems only because they have no idea that there is such a thing as the psychology of communication with a girl. If a young man has certain problems with speech, and sentences that consist of more than three words are not given to him easily, then his chances tend to zero. He can neither ask her out, nor get acquainted at all. She is instantly bored in the society of the prince. Even if you are well-dressed and have an attractive appearance, learn how to make conversation. Below we will try to clearly explain the psychology of communication with girls.

1. The first thing you need to know is how to establish your rapport with her.

This is the most important thing, it determines how close you are. This is a connecting link between you, the girl should feel that you know each other for a long time. After the communication has already begun, you need to make sure that it will not suddenly stop. One of the old tried and tested methods is flirting, because the basis of the psychology of communication with the girl is emotion. What is the difference between flirting and simple conversation? Flirting is a more intimate communication, and humor, within reason, does not hurt. Gently, unobtrusively weave compliments into your speech. She should feel that you are interested in her, but it should be done veiled. Be sure to let her know that you are not interested in friendship, that you need her as a woman. If she gets it right and agrees, the girl will always find a way to let you know. On a date, you don’t just have to narrate something, you have to give the girl signs of attention all the time.

2. Learn the right way to find the key points!

It is important to find the right lead. Find an important phrase out of everything she said and build on it to continue the conversation. Be sure to listen to everything she says and think about the rest of the conversation. When you talk to a girl, be sure to use the information you get from her. She will definitely notice this and make sure that you listen to her, this is important for her. After all, she wants you to perceive her as a person, not just as a sexual object. Be sure to talk about yourself so she understands that you’re making a deeper connection. There should be a strong emotional connection between you. Women appreciate receptive and interesting interlocutors.

Another important point in the psychology of communication with the girl. Be sure to add your own clues, so that the girl has an opportunity to continue the conversation herself. For example, tell her about something without going into details, so that she can ask questions.

3. interesting topics of conversation.

This point is important. If you see that the girl is bored and only pretends to listen, you need to find a new topic of conversation immediately. When she becomes uninterested with you, you will immediately realize this. She will stop looking at you, begin to look at the wall, passersby, fumbling with her phone, looking at her watch. If there was even one sign, immediately do something, otherwise you will suffer a complete fiasco.

4. Prepare some interesting questions!

If there is something wrong with the conversation, it means that you are not interested. After all, you are the leader in sustaining the conversation. You need to change something urgently. You should always have a few interesting questions to ask the girl, regardless of the general topic of conversation.

5. Gather information!

Try to find out as much as you can about her, so you know what your new crush is all about. You need to know what she’s into, what she’s striving for, how she’s living her life in general.

6. Don’t you dare lie!

If you have no desire to talk about something, better say so, or change the subject. Even if you’re a virtuoso liar, these lies can play havoc with you later. Especially if you’re hoping for a long-term relationship.

7. Learn to listen!

Don’t interrupt her, you should listen carefully to everything she says. Girls always have a good sense of when you’re listening and when you’re just pretending.

So that’s basically all there is to say on this subject. This is the basic psychology of relationships with girls. If you can apply all of this in practice, then you shouldn’t have any problems with communication.

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