1 year of married life: learn together

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There are many wedding anniversaries. And one of them is the chintz wedding . Chintz wedding anniversary is considered a year of life in marriage . Such an anniversary is also called a cotton or gauze wedding. This anniversary got such a name as a sign that a year of marriage is not yet strong enough and is similar to gauze or cotton. In one year of marriage, the newlyweds have not yet gotten to know each other well enough, they have not yet been tested by the challenges of life that they will have to overcome together.

For a chintz wedding it is necessary to present each other with chintz fabrics, chintz handkerchiefs and other products made of chintz that are necessary in everyday life. On this anniversary are sure to invite guests from the wedding, parents, witnesses, who also bring with them the calico and say wonderful toasts that the newlyweds are waiting for another anniversary, that the first obstacles are left behind, and also wish that the newlyweds’ calico was the most durable.

On their chintz wedding day, newlyweds should realize that the first year is only the beginning and that there are many more unforgettable moments ahead.

One year has passed since you have been married. A year in harmony, in love. Have you ever been able to live without each other?

You are family, and you are one, And let the years fly by – Together you are invincible. Don’t you ever quarrel.

On this chintz wedding day, we’ll be shouting “Hallelujah!” again. And to both of you, we wish: Be loved, be loved!

One year ago you became a couple – An official family. On this very important date I congratulate you, in love!

Continue in the same spirit And give light to people. ♪ Light up your home with happiness, You’ll never be unsuccessful ♪

And love each other as much as when for the first time in public you said the word: “Yes!”.

Happy one year anniversary to your young, loving and beautiful family! We wish you happiness, that harmony will always reign in your relations, that your love will be able to pass all life’s tests and strengthen your marriage. May joy always sparkle in your eyes, a good fire always burns in the family hearth, and the family budget allows you to fulfill all your dreams. Happy first wedding anniversary!

# Your first year’s gone by And it’s been the other way around # The first year is a school year And it’s truly magical.

There were tears and lapping, Over ironing, over laundry. The bouquet that wasn’t presented, The omelet that wasn’t fried.

After this wonderful shaking, From now on, everything will be just like in a fairy tale. You have become a little more kindred And a little calmer and wiser. Our masks are gone, the smoke is gone, From now on we will be all right!

Happy Anniversary! We wish your family To grow and prosper And blossom with joy.

May your love never fade away, May your money be enough. We wish that on your 30th anniversary You’ll all be together for dinner.

We’ll give you a golden wedding feast. And it’s only one year ago today, You can shout, “Hooray!” again.

It’s been one year since you were a family. You’ve lived in joy, in harmony. You tested each other’s resilience in life.

Let your chintz happiness Strengthen from year to year! And the bouquet of love and passion Never blossom!

Happy very first anniversary! Let happiness wait for you in life, Your chintz wedding Will be a golden start.

I wish you to live together from year to year without hardship, To make peace when you quarrel in a moment, To forget all the wrongs.

May love never fade, Only grow and blossom, And in all the years to come become the strongest family.

Congratulations on your first sweet date! One year married, that’s just great!

Let the cotton not tear, Let it stand firm Together, that’s the whole law.

You’ve lived your first year together, Helping each other in every way. Happy chintz wedding Today we heartily congratulate you!

Let there be happiness in your home, Warmth of love and prosperity, We wish you to surround each other with trembling attention.

We wish you To keep Your hearth and home, Don’t get upset in vain, Live in happiness and peace, Your couple is so beautiful!

We’ll celebrate your jubilee In chintz fabric, You’ve been together For only a year. Let your union be strong, Let your family grow.

We wish you Happy Jubilee, Though it’s not a long one, We wish you a Golden wedding day.

And then – to the emerald! And don’t lose your love. And if it’s hard, Don’t ever lose heart.

And don’t quarrel in vain, And don’t be unhappy, So that we can congratulate you on your red wedding.

“The first year, it’s the sweetest, I wish you: keep it up! To live in love and understanding, To stand by your family.

♪ Let your children strengthen your union, Let your home be a cup full ♪ Peace, prosperity and patience Live in it all the time.

The first year of married life Has flown by very fast. We know it’s not perfect, but it’s warmed you with love “We’d like to congratulate you on your “chintz”, And say three or four together: We wish you Happiness! We wish you A strong family bond, Share your burdens, Strengthen your union!

First year of married life

The magnificent wedding has rumbled away, the joy-filled honeymoon flew by and the days of married life began. Couples who have lived together for a long time usually look back on this period with ironic warmth. After all, it was the first months of marriage were the most interesting: in front of the young people opened a new world, which is so exciting to learn together! And it seems that they can do this forever. But so far the fragile family boat may well break on the rocks of the unexpected, or sit on the shallows of everyday life. And the new world will disappear without showing up. So how not to become a victim of the crisis of the first year of life? About that in the article below!

Crisis of the first year of family life

The first year of family life is a difficult period, full of contradictions. According to statistics, after a while a third of newlyweds expressed complete dissatisfaction with their marriage and are seriously thinking about divorce. As a result, half of them, after the first year of life nevertheless divorce. And this happens most often because of reasons that could easily be eliminated.

No matter how much the couple knew before the wedding, and no matter how well they are convinced that they know each other, life together will present many surprises. Some of them are quite pleasant – in marriage there is a sense of certain security and permanence, the desire to build their own home and the joy of building it together with the person you love. Part of it is accepted with great difficulty, if not at all. As a rule, one of the most difficult moments in the early stages of family life is the psychological transition of both spouses from a separate “I” to a common “we”. It is this change in the mind of a young husband and wife generates many problems, creating a crisis of the first year of family life.

Problems of the first year of marriage

The first step to this crisis is often a decrease in the acuteness of feelings and a certain emotional decline that comes after the wedding and the honeymoon. Such a condition can lead to doubts about the right choice of a life partner. After all, before the marriage has always been unusually well with him, and now suddenly it became a little boring … The young, without understanding what happened to them, are beginning to panic more and more, convincing themselves of the wrong choice and gradually moving away from each other. And, it happens, they even file for divorce a month after the wedding.

In fact, the relative internal inertia of husband and wife at the beginning of married life is quite normal. Any exciting event is inevitably followed by prostration and expectation of new exciting events. This should be taken calmly, without giving special importance to the lack of excitement from communicating with your other half. The relationship between the newlyweds enters a new stage, acquiring a touch of stability and kinship. In order to avoid negative consequences, this period can be brightened up by some kind of purchase or holding a celebration. The joint joy of buying or preparing for the holiday will help reduce the anxiety that accompanies the stage of getting used to and adjusting. And then there is no significant crisis of the first year of family life. Acclimatization and adjustment must also take place in accordance with certain rules.

Adaptation and adaptation

Everyone always has his own individual habits and even strangeness, to surrender to which is sometimes not so easy. In family life the husband and wife will certainly have to deal with the distinctive features of each other. If these features create significant problems in the young family, we should try to get rid of them. The attitude: “Love me with all my faults” may be good, but it does not contribute to family happiness. If neither the husband nor the wife is willing to give in anything to each other, divorce is inevitable. So in order to create a strong marriage, both need not only to learn to compromise, but also to reconsider their own habits. After all, no one really has to love us as we are.

This applies not only to personal relationships, but also to behavior in society. Each of the young people before the wedding had buddies and buddies, which in family life should make up a common circle of acquaintances. And it is good if all the acquaintances of the young husband will like his wife and vice versa. If not, you will have to meet them as rarely as possible. Otherwise scandals in the family will become regular.

Distribution of duties

Often divorce in the first year of married life happens because of the inability of spouses to distribute responsibilities and the separation of spheres of activity. The most common mistake of young people in this case is to blindly follow the pattern of their parents. You should get rid of such stereotypes and build your family based on your own preferences. For example, a mother who does all the housework advises her young husband not to help his wife under any circumstances. From her point of view, this demeans him as a man. However, modern women think differently, and if a man washes the floor or dishes, he did not fall in their eyes. In addition, joint cleaning is very close and brings a lot of joy if you do it by mutual consent.

It also happens that the mother, whose family was fully provided for by her father, advises her young wife to demand full material provision from her soulmate. And it is quite possible that this “soulmate” is not at all opposed to this postulate, but cannot yet gift his beloved with expensive things. In this case, his beloved could well help him get back on his feet, despite his mother’s categorical “no.” After all, what is created together is valued several times over.


Relationships with parents, in general, become a great challenge for a young family. Often the father and mother, sincerely wishing good for their adult child, control the newlyweds, trying to adjust their every move. Such interference in the young couple’s life, even with the most benevolent motives, should be minimized. The new family must assert their both financial and psychological independence. Otherwise, the marital union is unlikely to be viable, and the divorce after the wedding will be only a matter of time. Relatives, on the other hand, realizing that the young family is independent, will accept it more favorably and friendly.

Resolution of conflicts

Finally, another major pitfall that often contributes to a quick divorce after marriage is the inability of young people to figure out relationships and successfully resolve even minor conflicts. You should not start any serious conversation while tired or in a state of irritation and bitterness. This will only aggravate the situation. It is better to start any discussion in a calm manner and think every word thoroughly. Of course, you should not cherish and hoard your grudges. If they are not expressed, they will begin to pile up on top of each other, and eventually they will take on a horrific scale. Nevertheless, do not rush to express them in any case – in the fever, you can say a lot of things that later will have to regret. Therefore, if the anger and rage cloud the mind, it is better to pull yourself together, do something or just take a walk, and then start talking.

There is a curious way, perfectly suited to not only survive the crisis of the first year of family life, but also to nullify the conflict situations in the future. It consists of the following: on one half of a piece of paper written in detail the shortcomings of her husband or wife, on the other – the advantages. Then half of the sheet with flaws is torn off and burned. The second half takes on the value of a memo to the wife, – the strengths of her husband, for her husband – the strengths of his wife. If you reread it daily, many pending conflicts, becoming ridiculous and insignificant, will burst like a soap bubble.

In a word, the family structure must be brought up together. And this process should be very carefully, patiently and reverently. The family boat at the beginning of married life is very vulnerable, and it can go down even from a minor storm. The boat needs to turn into a powerful icebreaker that is not afraid of any storms. And then the family will be what it should be – a refuge and a wall protecting against all storms of life.

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